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The Ghost Who Came for Christmas is at Barnes & Noble

BarnesYesterday, The Ghost Who Came for Christmas went live at Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, and iTunes. It also went live at Barnes & Noble, the only problem; it didn’t come up in the search, so I couldn’t share its Barnes & Noble product link with my readers. I actually had some sales on the book over on Barnes & Noble yesterday; how the readers found the book there, I have no idea.

I have the link now, so if you are a Nook reader, you can now find it at Barnes & Noble!

Barnes & Noble

What are you thankful for this year?

jibjabWishing you all a blessed Thanksgiving!

I belong to a local woman’s group—the Woman’s Network Exchange of Arizona. It’s Mission Statement explains its purpose best: To provide a forum wherein women may enter into an exchange of philosophies, with an enlarged and diverse circle of friends and acquaintances, for the purpose of attaining success in business and in life. We also raise money to fund scholarships for local women.

At our last meeting we were urged to write down three things every day that we’re thankful for. I’ve been doing that on my private Facebook page.

To be honest, I’m grateful for many things this year. Since it’s Thanksgiving Day, I’ll mention just a few that I am particularly thankful for this year.

I’m thankful I have two breasts and didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy. Last year at this time I thought I was possibly facing a mastectomy and chemo. As it turned out, I only had a lumpectomy and radiation—no chemo.

I’m thankful my Haunting Danielle series has been so well received by the readers. How lucky am I to be able to make a living doing what I love?

I’m thankful our children are doing so well—and our grandchildren. Our granddaughter started kindergarten this year and she is so happy and thriving. And our grandson, who struggled with speech because of ear issues, is doing so much better now that he has tubes in his ears, and his food allergies seemed to have subsided.

I’m thankful my husband is my best friend. We will be married 40 years this summer—I think it is pretty amazing that I’m not only still in love with him—I genuinely like him.

I’m thankful my mother is still with us. So many of my friends have lost both parents—my husband lost his last parent last year. Mom is in relatively good health, and I am thankful she is able to have a real relationship with her great-grandchildren.

There are so many other things I am grateful for—my sister, family, friends, our home—I feel blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Starring in the JibJab video: Me, my husband, mother, daughter and son–should I tell them they are in the video???)