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Looking for Real Life Ghost Stories

haunted houseDo you have a real life ghost story?

I spend a lot of time thinking about ghosts. It’s inevitable, considering I’m working on Book 7 in my Haunting Danielle series. While the books of Haunting Danielle are fiction, I know many of you have your own real life ghost story or encounter. Want to share?

I’ve created a page on this site where visitors can share their real life ghost encounter in the comment section. I have a few author friends who tell me they intend to share their stories, and I’m anxiously waiting for them to post.

If you have a real life ghost experience you’d like to share, please click here—and post on the comment section for that page.

All comments have to be approved before they go live. Unfortunately, I receive a ridiculous amount of spam posts, and I have to filter those out before legitimate posts go life.

Now you are wondering, what is the deal with the house picture in this post? I snapped that photo the last time Don and I drove to Bullhead City, when passing through Needles, California. Referred to as the “Green House,” some believe it is haunted. Search Needles Haunted House and a number of articles on Needle’s Green House will pop up.

Why I live in Lake Havasu City

12108833_10207896330225292_1669142075280528049_n (1)One reason for living in Lake Havasu City—Where else can you do this on the last day in October?

On Friday evening, I sent The Ghost Who Came for Christmas off to the first round of beta readers. Hubby and I spent the next day—Halloween—on Lake Havasu. After weeks buried in my work in progress, a day of rest on the water and in the sunshine was just what I needed.

I’ve heard back from two of the betas—several more to go—but so far they don’t recommend any major changes. They also professed to love the new book. I hope my other readers do, too. It goes to the editor this coming weekend.

The Ghost Who Came for Christmas will be available in eBook format November, 27, 2015. You can pre-ordered  at Amazon.