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My Trip to the Moon

lynnfritzbobbiMy mother has been sorting through old photographs and mementos, and she came across a story I wrote when I was nine years old. I would have been about in 4th grade at the time. The story is entitled, “My Trip to the Moon.”

Can’t say I remember the story—I was never much of a sci-fi fan. Yet, I do recall going through a brief outer space stage around that age and telling a few classmates I was really from another planet.

That either makes me an imaginative kid—or a strange one. Either way, thought I would share my story with you. I will confess, it did leave me wondering–where exactly was I going with this story?

Part I

It was a warm Saturday morning. I was watching TV. Then suddenly someone knocked at the door. Lynn my sister answered the door.

“Hello Professor Lee,” Lynn said.

“Hello, may I see Bobbi,” Dr. Lee said.

“Bobbi for you!” Lynn screamed.

“Don’t scream Lynn, go get her,” Mother said.

I am 13. Lynn is 18. I once asked Dr. Lee if I could go to the moon in Starlight his rocket. Then I was 7 years old but ever since I was 7 I’ve been asking Dr. Lee if I could ride in Starlight. Bobbi Joe is what Dr. Lee called me even though it wasn’t my name.

“Bobbi Joe your mommy and pappy says you can go to the moon tomorrow if you pass the s.h.e. test,” said Dr. Lee.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s only a health test,” said Dr. Lee.

“Oh,” I said.

I ‘ve passed the test and I am saying goodbye to my family.

“Oh I hope you will be back for my wedding,” Lynn said.

“There she goes,” said Dad.

Part 2

When I landed on the moon I made friends with 10 animals that could talk. They weren’t animals like on the earth at all. There was Sop, Fop, Loppy, Lee, Fritz, Spot, Mark, Jack, Wop and Top.

“Hey watch it Bobbi!” said Top. “That’s quick mud!”

“Don’t you mean quick sand?”

“Okay, then quick sand. Just watch it, ok?”

(Photo: Me with my older sister, Lynn, and our dog, Fritz.)

The Miracle of Hanukkah


IMG_0710When my sister gave me a menorah a number of years ago, my kids asked, “Mom, why did Aunt Lynn get you a menorah? We aren’t Jewish.”

No, we aren’t, but I always found Hanukah a beautiful celebration—one of faith and miracles. With what I keep seeing on the news these days, I think everyone—of every faith—could use more miracles.

Whatever your faith this holiday season, my wish for you—for all of us—is peace and love.

Day at the Shopping Extravaganza

Shopping Extravaganza It was an early morning for Don and me. Up at 5 a.m. and then head down to the Aquatic Center at 6 a.m. to set up my booth for the annual Shopping Extravaganza, an event sponsored by the Woman’s Network Exchange of Arizona to raise scholarship money for local women.

I shared a space with fellow Havasu author, Sharon Poppen.  It was my first time at the event. According to Sharon, it was a little quieter than prior Extravaganza’s–but we still had a good time, sold a few books, and chatted with some nice people.

Back home now, and if it doesn’t get too cold, we plan to head down to the lake this evening and watch the Annual Havasu Boat Parade of Lights.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Why the Senate’s Vote to Repeal Obamacare made me cry this morning.

Two Reasons to Live

This morning I cried when I read the Senate had voted to repeal Obamacare. This was after I read what would happen if they were actually successful. People like me—those with serious pre-existing conditions—could lose their medical coverage, even if we paid the entire premium without help from the government.

While I don’t like to get political on my blog, this is a real life and death situation for me. As a 3X cancer survivor, one who is not yet out of the woods, I really need my current medical coverage. There is no way I could pay for my monthly cancer meds and cover other medical expenses without insurance.

I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent—I just wish you would urge the folks in congress to fix instead of a flat out repeal.  I’m afraid people like me, who could be left without coverage after a repeal, won’t have time to wait while congress fusses around and tries to come up with something to replace Obamacare after it is gone. Let’s be honest—they never did anything before, and since, all they have tried to do is trash what we now have.

Maybe I am being selfish. But the fact is, I really don’t want to die in the immediate future.

(Photo: Two reasons I want to live, my grandchildren.)

Come see me tomorrow at the Aquatic Center!

Come see me!

If you are going to be in Lake Havasu City this weekend, don’t forget to stop by the Aquatic Center for the Women’s Network Exchange of Arizona’s (WNEA) annual Shopping Extravaganza. Held in the Relic’s and Rod Room, the event runs from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday, December 5th.  Local vendors will be selling all sorts of goodies for Christmas, along with raffle prizes, 50/50 drawing, and a silent auction. Rumor has it Santa will be making an appearance, so you’ll want to bring your kids and a camera.

I’ll be there with a few of my books–in paperback. Plus, I’ll be giving away recipe cards for The Green Thing–the house drink made famous at our family’s restaurant, The Road’s End Restaurant. I will also be giving away tickets for a free eBook. So please, stop by and say hi!

Hope to see you there!

When I say Merry Christmas

Merry Christma

Yesterday, Don and I did some Christmas shopping. When at the store, the checker was telling the customer ahead of us “Merry Christmas” and then when on a tangent on how she will say Merry Christmas until the day she dies—she was quite emphatic and…well, it sounded more political than in the spirit of Christmas.

I’ve been noticing numerous memes on Facebook about how friends are “taking back” Christmas and will say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holiday or Season’s Greetings. Quite frankly, I didn’t realize someone had imposed a law against saying Merry Christmas, for which we are now revolting against.

When I used to send out Christmas cards (something that we don’t seem to do much these days) I typically chose cards that said “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings.” Not because I thought it was politically correct—in those days I don’t think politically correct was a thing. I chose those cards because I wanted the greeting to be inclusive to all the recipients on my Christmas card list, and some of those I sent cards to didn’t necessarily celebrate Christmas.

Does this mean I thought it wrong or rude of my friends to send out Merry Christmas cards? Absolutely not. I felt they had the right to extend their greeting their way, as I had the right to extend mine.

There is another meme going around which I particularly like this year. It basically says they won’t care what greeting you tell them—Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays or whatever—they will just be happy you took a moment to say something nice to them.

I don’t think the Christmas spirit is about extending a greeting in a combative, just-watch-me, take-this, manner. Christmas, to me, is about reaching out and showing the love. For me, it’s not the greeting that matters—it is the spirit in which the greeting is delivered.

Merry Christmas.

Book signing in Havasu this coming Saturday!


Well, technically speaking it is the annual Shopping Extravaganza, sponsored by the Women’s Network Exchange of Arizona. It’s happening at the Aquatic Center, and I’ll be there with some of my paperback book. I don’t usually do the book fair thing–or book signings–but I thought this might be fun, and give me a chance to get out around people.

So if you happen to be in Havasu this coming Saturday, stop by the Aquatic Center and say hi! I will also be handing out recipe cards for the famous Road’s End Cooler, aka The Green Thing. It is something of a legend in this area–a cocktail made famous at my parent’s Road’s End Restaurant, and later featured at our Copper Mine Restaurant.

Hope to see you there!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Christmas SeasonInstead of writing, Don and I spent the afternoon decorating for Christmas. It reminded me of one of the (many) reasons I love my husband. Don’s sentimental and traditional, and he loves getting out the Christmas decorations each year. Of course, ever since we got the pre-lit artificial tree, it makes it easier for him to love.

We both miss a live tree, especially the scent of pine. But it’s dry in Arizona, and live trees don’t fare well here. The risk of a fire simply isn’t worth it to me.

I’m determined to slow down and enjoy the Christmas season. Seems like it comes quickly each year, while I’m engrossed with other matters of life, and it slips by with minimal fanfare. Last year, I was dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis and surgery in early December. Hardly the stuff to get one in the Christmas spirit.

This year I’m feeling pretty good, and I intend to savor the season.

It’s also the perfect time to read The Ghost Who Came for Christmas–but if you haven’t yet read books 1 through 5 in the Haunting Danielle series, you might want to do that first. While each book in the series is a standalone story, they are told in chronological order, and I believe readers enjoy the books more if read in order.