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Player Piano up and running!

Originally purchased for our restaurant, our player piano has been sitting quietly in our living room for about 15 years now. After we closed our restaurant we intended to sell it. That didn’t happen, but we did sell all the music rolls.

After all this time, it was pretty obvious we were never going to sell it–and we figured it was about time it started playing music again.  So I ordered some rolls off eBay, and Don got it playing today. I can’t wait for our grandkids to see it!

Cheese Ball Recipe

The other day I posted the Chocolate Drop Cookie Recipe. Today,  I’m sharing another recipe mentioned in The Ghost Who Came for Christmas.

Cheese Ball

This recipe belonged to my Grandma Madeline, who would make us cheese balls for holiday gatherings. It was a favorite of mine for  New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, finding grocery stores that stock the necessary cheese is not always easy.

1 glass jar (5 ounces) Kraft Roka cheese
1 glass jar (5 ounces) Kraft Olde English cheese
16 ounces cream cheese
2 shakes Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
1 shake garlic powder
1 teaspoon vinegar
Chopped walnuts

Bring all cheese to room temperature. Combine first 6 ingredients and form into a ball shape. Refrigerate several hours. Roll in a mixture of chopped nuts and parsley. Serve with crackers.

I will blame it on Christmas

CandyCaneFace copy The other day when publishing the blog post  The Meaning of the Christmas Cookie, I apparently saved it as a draft instead of hitting publish–so if you noticed a blog post just popping up today, yet says it was published Friday, you aren’t going crazy. I am.

On Friday we were getting ready for my sister and her hubby to arrive for a little Christmas visit, and I was rushing around trying to get last minute things done, so the post didn’t get published, only saved.

Therefore, I am blaming it on the Christmas rush. That is my story, and I am sticking to it!