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The Ghost from the Sea

HautingDanielle_BOOK8The Ghost from the Sea is available in eBook format. I’ll confess I had some issues with the first file that went out, which I addressed on Facebook.  There was no problem with the story, but a few homophones slipped by the editor. The file has since been corrected and updated. 

I’m thrilled to report, that in spite of the initial hiccups, the early reviews have been highly favorable.

One Amazon reviewer wrote it was the best book in the series, and went on to say:

“Jack on the bridge in the storm was written so well that I felt I was there. The way it all came together in the final chapters was so touching and beautiful that I cried numerous times. This book was just so well written that I felt I was there living in and part of that town. This author was able to make the impossible become believable, what a fun book. Great job, loved it.”