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Even Sadie questions this review…

Every once in a while, a review left on one of my books catches my attention for its absurdity. The following review was left on one of the books from my Haunting Danielle series.

“I haven’t been able to finish this book yet as once again, someone is being blamed for murder. Same old same old…”

You might assume I find the review absurd because the Haunting Danielle series is in the cozy mystery genre. And in a cozy mystery, people generally get murdered—and people get blamed for murder. Therefore, slamming a cozy for having a murder, is a bit like slamming a cookbook for having recipes.

But that is not the reason—it was because, in this particular book, no one was murdered, therefore, no one was blamed for a murder.

Oops…did perhaps the reviewer review the wrong book?

Book Festivals & Book Signings

Unlike many of my author friends, I haven’t done many book signings. To be honest, I’ve never done an official book signing where a book store or similar venue hosts an event where I am the main attraction and people come specifically to see me and buy a book for me to sign—or in some cases, stick around while I read passages out of one of my books.

Book signings just don’t happen—someone needs to plan them. Typically, that someone is the author or someone working on the author’s behalf. When it comes to this type of promotion, I tend to be a little shy. I know I should do them, but I spend much of my time in front of a computer as opposed to putting myself out there with the public. As with many writers, I am a bit of an introvert.

However, a number of years ago I was asked to speak at the local museum regarding my family’s experience at Havasu Palms. That speaking engagement led to several more locally—with the hospital axillary, the genealogy society, and the Colonial Dames. While I wasn’t there to pitch my book and give out signatures, those speaking engagements were the catalysts for me writing Havasu Palms, A Hostile Takeover.

I have participated in several local shopping events—where I set up a table with my paper books and meet the public. However, none of those are primarily book events. The person set up in the table next to me might be selling oil paintings or homemade soap—or even real estate.

Living in Lake Havasu City, Arizona—a fairly isolated area—there aren’t many opportunities to participate in book festivals. Before the eBook revolution, I did participate in two local book fairs, which—if memory serves me—was hosted by our local writer’s group—or perhaps it was the community college?

Payson Arizona recently hosted a Book Festival, showcasing Arizona authors. I didn’t participate as an author, but I did go to show support to one of my author friends, Susan Haught. The above photograph shows Susan’s table at the festival. It was a nice event, and I enjoyed seeing the books from all the talented Arizona authors. Maybe next year.