SONY DSCMy sweet daughter Elizabeth and my son-in-law Joe, threw me an amazing surprise birthday party almost two weeks ago. It was a welcomed escape from all that has been going on—losing Don’s mother and my diagnoses with breast cancer.

This past Tuesday I went in for my lumpectomy—stage 2 breast cancer. The good news, according to the doctor there was no cancer in my lymph node. There are still more test they are running, so next week I’ll have a better idea of what I have ahead. I know there will be radiation, but I am praying no chemo.

Initially I considered a mastectomy, because that way I could avoid radiation, something I was reluctant to undergo since I had radiation for my first cancer back in 1978 (malignant olfactory nerve) and a radiation pill on my second cancer about eight years ago (thyroid cancer).

But according to the doctor, mastectomy instead of lumpectomy in my situation wasn’t really necessary, and in only 20% cases do they need to go back in and take more of the breast. After surgery my doctor told my husband it looks like we made the right choice, so I’m taking that to mean no more cutting. At least, I sure hope so.

Happy to report I’ve felt pretty great since I came home from the hospital Tuesday afternoon. Yesterday I had a lot of energy, and in relatively no pain. Today I’m a bit drowsy, but suspect it is because I’ve been taking some pain pills. Yet overall, I feel good.

Keeping good thoughts and soliciting prayers so that next week’s visit with my doctor will bring more good news.

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