Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes

New release and more…

It’s been about 2 ½ weeks since I last posted—and lots has been going on. The Ghost Who Dream Hopped (Book 18 in the Haunting Danielle series) was released two days ago and so far, the book has 13 Amazon reviews—twelve are 5-stars and one is a 4-star. I’m thrilled because each time I release a new book in the series I get nervous. I want my readers to enjoy the new book.

The Ghost Who Dream Hopped is also available in paperback, regular print and large print. For some reason the large print version is not showing up in the Amazon store.  Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

In other news, I made the USA Today’s Bestseller list a few weeks ago, on the Haunting Danielle bundle. I confess, I was excited to make the list. We are in the process of updating the covers to include the title.

For those of you asking if there will be a book 19—the answer is yes. The Ghost of Christmas Secrets will be released November 19, 2018. The preorder is available at Amazon and should be at the other vendors in the near future.

If I haven’t mentioned before, Tantor Media has purchased the audiobook rights to books 11-15 in the Haunting Danielle series. (They are the same publishing company that produced the first ten audiobooks in the series.) I haven’t received notice on the release dates, but as soon as I know, I will pass on the information.

The Key to the Perfect Avocado

I usually eat ½ an avocado with my breakfast each morning. Mom eats the other half.  This morning as Mom was eating hers, she commented how the avocados I give her are always so delicious. She asked me how I did it

Fact is, we never throw avocados away anymore. I buy avocados once a week, and they last a week.

For years I have been told to put avocados in a paper sack and put in a cool dark place, and they will quickly ripen. True, but you also need to eat them up quick, or mash them into guacamole. If you want to eat one a day for a week, the paper sack trick will leave you with overripe fruit.

First and foremost—avoid those smooth skin avocados. I’ve found them to be rather watery and tasteless, no matter how ripe they get.  For me, Hass avocado is the best.

Shopping for the perfect avocado is easy. In fact, I don’t even do my own grocery shopping anymore. I go online and place my order at Smiths, and then we pick it up the next day. Lazy? Maybe. But efficient and a tremendous time saver.

When ordering my avocados, I always include one comment. “Hard please.” Yep, when shopping avocados, I go for the hardest, without any give. Now, if you are shopping for avocados for that day, then you will want to select fruit with a slight give—not too overly soft. But for me, I am shopping for the upcoming week, and normally have one or two avocados from last shopping day ready to eat.

After I get my HARD avocados home, I place them in a bowl on the counter. I don’t put them in a paper sack or in a dark place.

The next day, I check the avocados. If they have a slight give, they all go in the refrigerator. If they are still rock hard, I let them sit out one more day.

And that is it.  Once in the refrigerator they pretty much stop ripening, and I have delicious avocados for the rest of the week.


Good news, bad news?

My 90-year-old mother lives with my husband and me. Mom has four grandchildren. Two are my sister’s children, two are mine. Since December 2017 all four of the grandchildren or their significant other has been in a serious car accident. And in each case, none of them have been hurt.

  1. It began with the youngest grandchild—one of my sister’s son. He was run off the freeway and it totaled his car. He walked away, unscathed.
  2. Last month as my youngest and her family were on their way to Alaska for a military move, a bear decided to jump in front of their truck as they drove through Canada. My son-in-law managed to swerve and miss the bear—but the trailer they were towing did not. Fortunately, Elizabeth, her husband, and our two grandchildren were unharmed. Sadly, the bear could not say the same. He died. The trailer didn’t fare too well either. They had to get it repaired before they could get back on the road.
  3. Two days ago our son informed me his wife was sideswiped by a truck pulling a boat. It totaled her car—but she, thankfully, is okay.
  4. And then yesterday, my sister told me her oldest, his girlfriend totaled her car. Like the rest (other than the bear) she walked away from the accident.

That’s all four of the grandkids—or their significant other—and for me, I see this as the glass half-full. Cars can be replaced, people and bears cannot.