Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes

Bake Danielle’s Chocolate Drop Cookies this Christmas!

If you’ve read The Ghost of Christmas Secrets—or the first Haunting Danielle Christmas book, The Ghost Who Came for Christmas, you might remember reading about Danielle’s Chocolate Drop cookies—and how all of her friends love them.

Chocolate Drop cookies are a real thing—they are borrowed from my paternal grandmother, Madeline Clint Johnson Wilkey.  Grandma Madeline was an amazing cook, and in our family her chocolate drop cookies were legendary. Each Christmas she would bring over a roasting pan filled with homemade chocolate chip and chocolate drop cookies. For someone like my father, who had a serious sweet tooth, he was always dipping into the roasting pan to snag a cookie.

I’ve posted the recipe before, so here’s the link, if you would like to try baking them this Christmas. As I mentioned in the last book, the original recipe called for raw egg to be added to the frosting, which I substituted for another liquid because today’s raw eggs aren’t as safe to eat as they were in Grandma’s day.

Like Danielle reminds her friend when sharing the recipe, be careful not to overbake!

Chocolate Drop Cookie Recipe

Visiting Walt and Danielle

We have a lot going on right now, including me starting Book 19 (The Ghost of Christmas Secrets) of the Haunting Danielle series. But we did manage to take a summer vacation mid-September. Where did we go? To see Walt and Danielle! Well, kinda sorta.

My husband and I rented a house on the Oregon coast with our son and daughter-in-law. Instead of staying in Frederickport we went south a bit to Depoe Bay. The house we stayed at overlooked the ocean and we spent a relaxing four days, visiting with Scott and SeAnne, doing a little sightseeing and whale watching.

(Photo: View from our living room window)