If I haven’t mentioned it before, I suggest reading the Haunting Danielle books in order. It’s easy to figure out the order to read, as each book is numbered. While you can read the books out of order—each is a standalone story—the stories are told in chronological order, and you’ll miss some of the backstory if you jump over previous books.

For those looking for a ghost story that actually takes place during Halloween, I suggest you hurry up and read Books 1 through 4, because Book 5—The Ghost of Halloween Past—is the ghost story you are looking for.

I confess, this one is a bit darker and creeper than the other books in the series. I couldn’t help myself. After all, it is Halloween.

In this book, we meet two new characters who will stick around.

It also has a bit of a twist. As one reviewer wrote:

Whoa, I don’t think I’ve ever stopped in the middle of a story and gone back to reread the first several chapters so many times before.  No, it’s not a convoluted mess of a story. That’s not why I had to go reread earlier passages. I just needed to constantly adjust my perspective. The author did some amazing things here.”



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