SONY DSCHad the late Joan Rivers been delivering her shtick and made the “boobs on the ground” crack when mentioning the female pilot in the United Arab Emirates’ Air Force, I might have chuckled. We sort of expect that type of humor from comedians like Rivers, and she was an equal opportunity comedian—no one was really safe from her brand of humor.

The “joke” didn’t quite go over when Eric Bolling played comedian on Fox News’ The Five. Time and place, Bolling—to make it as a comedian, you really need to improve your timing.

Ironic that Bolling had just blasted President Obama for his “Latte salute” – how disrespectful to the brave military! Of course, if it is a female risking her life, then Bolling seems to think it is cute to make a disrespectful and hypocritical comment at the expense of the female pilot.

Yes, he apologized, yet only after his wife “gave him the look.” He didn’t realize that was a lame comment the moment the words left his mouth? He should have had enough sense to realize before he spoke the words.

But let us not forget the other snarky comment another male on the show made shortly before Bolling’s stinker—Greg Gutfeld said, “After she bombed it, she couldn’t park it.”

A friend told me that those of us who were offended were just being over sensitive. Really? If you agree with her, I ask you this—if your daughter was risking her life to fight terrorists and a national news station had just run a story on her—and then they capped off the story with a “boobs on the ground” quip, and a snarky comment that as a woman she can’t park—wouldn’t it piss you off just a little?

As for President Obama’s “latte salute”—did they call it the “Pooch Salute” when President Bush saluted over an armful of dog?

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