One benefit of reading an eBook is the ability to increase font size. However, some people still prefer paper books. And often those readers who shy away from eBooks—or have never considered reading one—are those readers who could most benefit from the ability to increase font size—older readers.

My sister’s mother-in-law (in her nineties), my close friend’s mother (in her eighties), and my mother (eighty-nine), are all Haunting Danielle fans. Of the three, my mother is the only one who switches between paperback and eBooks, yet even she prefers reading a paper book.

It’s for these readers we put out two versions of paper books for our Haunting Danielle readers. We have a regular 12-point font book—and our large print—which is 18-point font.

I will confess, I’m partial to reading the large print paper books. They are an exceedingly comfortable read. Unlike the regular print books, with cream color paper, our large print books are printed on white paper for a crisper read.

The books are available at Amazon. Here are the links!

The Ghost of Marlow House

The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds

The Ghost Who Wasn’t

The Ghost Wanted Revenge

The Ghost of Halloween Past

The Ghost Who Came for Christmas

The Ghost of Valentine Past

The Ghost from the Sea

The Ghost and the Mystery Writer

The Ghost and the Muse

The Ghost Who Stayed Home

The Ghost and the Leprechaun

The Ghost Who Lied

The Ghost and the Bride






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