Those Eyes

Are those my husband’s eyes,
looking up at me?
Could it be my nose
that I now see?
A touch of him
a hint of me
blended by God
… expertly.

I wrote that poem a number of years ago. It’s included in my book, Motherhood. However, it’s not just our features we can pass down to our children—it’s other things, like stubbornness, creativity, or an entrepreneurial spirit.

I’m blessed to be sharing this publishing adventure with our daughter, Elizabeth. She has her degree in Graphic Design and is a freelance graphic artist, specializing in book covers.  When I was in high school, I—like my daughter—took a special interest in art. However, unlike Elizabeth, I veered off to photography and writing in college, leaving my art aspirations behind. Elizabeth persevered. Plus, she is far more talented than I ever was.

Our son Scott is in restaurant management. It’s not surprising he got into the business, since both his grandparents and parents once owned restaurants. It was something he grew up around. However, he also has a keen interest in photography—as I once did.

Lately he’s been filming using his drone and posting his videos on YouTube. I take special interest in what he’s captured along the Oregon coast—since my Haunting Danielle series takes place in the fictional town of Frederickport, Oregon, along the Oregon coast, south of Astoria.

Our son and his wife live in Portland. Their love of the Oregon coast—and our visits to that area when we would visit them—is what inspired me to select that location for my Haunting Danielle series.

If you’d like to get a view of the Haunting Danielle real life territory—or would like to check out some of Scott’s other scenic videos, click on about video.

(If the video is not showing at the top of this page, refresh the page and it should appear.)

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