As many of my readers know, Bobbi Holmes is my real name—and Anna J. McIntyre is a pseudonym I have written under.

My Haunting Danielle books—written under Bobbi Holmes—are G-Rated, with minimal cursing, and you won’t find any graphic sex. Actually, you won’t find much more than light kissing, and that is rare. I often say a book from the Haunting Danielle series is one you can comfortably loan to your teenager or elderly grandparent without blushing.

The books written under Anna J. McIntyre are more adult themed—R-rated. Anna J. McIntyre’s Coulson Family Saga, which includes five books, spans a century. It tells the story of one American family. Topics dealt within the series include homosexually, adultery, teenage pregnancy, rape, murder, lies, deception, political corruption, feminism, and true love. When looking back on the series, I often say it is really about the women—the women in that family and the challenges dealt them in each generation—and how they ultimately persevered.

I’ve had some of my Haunting Danielle readers find the Coulson Family Saga, read it, and love it. However—I’ve had others who found the books—well, too explicit. It’s a completely different genre from Haunting Danielle, which is the reason for the change of author name.

So for my Haunting Danielle readers who would rather stay away from explicit sex scenes, an occasional F-Bomb, and darker subjects—I don’t believe it’s a series you would enjoy.

Another series under Anna J. McIntyre is my Unlocked Hearts series. They are happily ever romances, with light sex scenes, and some foul language. When writing under Anna J. McIntyre, I try to be realistic with my characters, in their language and actions. Readers of spicier romance tend to call the Unlocked Heart series “Sweet Romances,” while readers of sweet romances find the books too explicit. I suppose they fall somewhere between sweet and spicy.

Of course, you can might want to skip my Anna J. McIntyre books all together, since the next Haunting Danielle book—The Ghost of Second Chances—will be out in June!





4 comments on “Reader Beware!

  1. Donna

    I read most anything, I am enjoying your Haunting Danielle series and hope she and Walt have the ever wanted happy ending. I will also go looking at other books under your other published name.
    Thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the series! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. Rose Mary

    I have not read the Coulson series yet, but I will, but you are right, it is nice for once to read a light, entertaining book that is also humorous. I love the Haunting Danielle series.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Glad you enjoy the Haunting Danielle series. The Coulson Family Saga is dear to my heart-the characters are very real to me, but I know it is a totally different read from my Haunting Danielle, and many who enjoy a G-Cozy will not be thrilled with some of the themes in the Coulson series.

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