Book 9 – The Ghost and the Mystery Writer

I’ve a T-Shirt that says something like, “Pay no attention to my browsing history, I am a writer not a serial killer.” That’s a standard joke among authors—especially mystery writers. My husband’s always saying the FBI is going to come knocking on my door if they ever come across some of my Facebook conversations involving methods of murder. Rather macabre, but it is part of the business.

That’s why I had so much fun writing The Ghost and The Mystery Writer, because it is her writing that gets her in trouble.

A killer strikes under Frederickport Pier.

Before dawn the next morning, Marlow House’s celebrity guest, mystery author Hillary Hemingway, is busy writing about the crime for her upcoming novel—including details that only the real killer would know.

Coincidence? If so, it isn’t the first time.





Just one more day…

If you’ve preordered The Ghost and the Bride, it will be showing up on your device tomorrow morning. This is the 14th book in the Haunting Danielle series. Whenever I release a new book, readers typically ask, “Is this the last one?”

My answer: No.

I’ve five more Haunting Danielle books rattling around in my head that must be written to take the series where I want it to go. I normally release about four books a year, so unless something unforeseen happens, this series will still be bringing new releases through 2018.

What about the following year? I’ve more story ideas for the series, but if I write them will depend on the fans. If my readers still want more of Walt, Danielle, and the rest of our friends in Frederickport, I will happily deliver.

By the way, while you are waiting for The Ghost and the Bride to go live, I am already working on the next one, which is available for preorder at Amazon.



You can now preorder The Ghost and the Bride from more eBook stores!

Everyone can preorder!

A number of my readers, who don’t buy their eBooks at Amazon, have been asking when they can preorder the next book in the Haunting Danielle series—The Ghost and the Bride—from their eBook venue. The answer, now!

Click here to preorder from Barnes & Noble.

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Click here to preorder from Amazon.

The book will be released this coming Saturday, on September 30, 2017.

I’m also happy to announce the large print version of the book will be released around the same time as the regular print version, which should be within two weeks.  It took me longer to get the large print version of the last boo—The Ghost Who Lie—out. In fact, that should be happening within the next 24 hours. You can find all our paperbacks at Amazon.




Book 10 now available in paperback!


Now all the books in the Haunting Danielle series are available in paperback—both regular and large print format. The most recent book, The Ghost and the Muse, went live yesterday—in eBook and paperback formats.

The paperback formats weren’t available until late last night and the links didn’t go live on the Robeth Publishing site until this morning.

You can order the books from Amazon. Amazon is an interesting place. Not only do they list books they ship, they also allow other booksellers to compete on their site.  If you go to The Ghost and the Muse product page (for the regular print paperback) over on Amazon this morning, you’ll see someone is offering a “used” copy of the book (for museammore than Amazon’s price, PLUS you have to pay the shipping, which Amazon Prime members don’t have to pay if they buy directly from Amazon.)

So I wonder…if someone orders a “used” copy of the book from them, does this mean this seller first has to buy a new copy, read it or flip through it to give it that used feel—and then resell it? After all, the book just became available late last night.

Do you want more backstory?


The Ghost and the Muse (Book 10 of the Haunting Danielle series) is ready for its debut on September 30, 2016. It’s currently available for preorder at Amazon, yet by the end of the week, it should also be available for preorder at iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. I’ll let you know when.

For those of you who’ve stumbled on this blog and are curious about the Haunting Danielle series, let me suggest you begin with Book 1—The Ghost of Marlow House. That book only cost 99¢ and Book 2 is currently on sale for 99¢, yet will return to its regular price at the end of the month.

While each book is a standalone story, the storyline moves along chronologically as it progresses from book to book, which means characters evolve and secrets are revealed. It’s possible to randomly pick up any book from the series and read it without reading the previous books and still manage to figure out what’s going on, yet I believe it will be a more positive reading experience if the books are read in order.

We’ve made it easy for readers to figure out the order in which to read the series—the book number is clearly displayed on each book cover and on each copyright page.

However, one beta reader did suggest I consider adding more backstory to each book. I’ve been hesitant to over-rehash from previous stories. I’ve read reviews on other series where the readers complain about excessive info dumps from previous books.  For me, I’ve been walking a narrow line—trying to add just enough, yet not too much.

I have decided to ask my readers—those of you out there who have been reading the Haunting Danielle series—do I need to add more backstory? Let me know in the comment section on this post. I would love to hear what you have to say.



Guess what Sadie is wondering…

Sadie WaitingSadie is anxiously awaiting the release of The Ghost and the Mystery Writer, which goes live July 17. Sadie wonders, Do I have any good parts in this new book? Or do I have to share the spotlight with that stupid cat, Max?

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m an animal lover. When writing my dog and cat characters I tend to rely on real life dogs and cats I’ve known—because like people, each one is unique, while at the same time, share common traits with other members of his or her species.

Both Jake from Coulson’s Secret (written under my Anna J. McIntyre pen name) and Max, from my Haunting Danielle series, are patterned after my own black cat, Spooky. I chose the name Max, for my parent’s beloved black schnauzer. I also gave Max the cat white tipped ears, because in the story, he needed distinguishing markings.

In While Snowbound (also written under my McIntyre pen name) I patterned the Aussie after our own Lady—including the fact Lady is a special needs dog who has always had issues being unable to jump up, and occasionally her legs give out, and she rarely barks, even when someone knocks on the door.

When selecting a dog for the Haunting Danielle series, I felt the golden retriever was the perfect personality for what I was looking for. Goldens I’ve known tend to be loyal, playful, and somewhat goofy. As for her name, I borrowed that from fellow author R.W. Peake, whose beloved lab is named Sadie. I felt the name Sadie fit with my character.

The question now—will Sadie and Max ever bond in the same way my dog and cat have? To be honest, I can’t see them getting all lovey and snugly with each other, as do Lady and Spooky. I suspect they will simply reach an amicable truce and come to some sort of friendship. Perhaps, they already have.

Real life ghost stories, do you have one?

Coming July 17!

One of the more interesting comments I get in Haunting Danielle reviews, is when a reviewer says the stories are realistic. That’s a high compliment for stories many would consider fantasy as opposed to reality.

Of course, many people believe in ghosts. Do you?

Personally, I have never seen a ghost. Yet, I’ve spoken to people who claim to—including one person whom I deeply trust. She doesn’t broadcast her several encounters, fearing others will simply think she is nutty. But, I believe her.

I did have one sorta ghostly encounter—which will explain why the ghosts in my stories, especially those who haven’t mastered harnessing their energy—can usually screw with electricity.

After my father passed away, our family was living at Havasu Palms. Havasu Palms, a resort located on Lake Havasu, consisted of a mobile home park, marina, store, and restaurant. For some thirty years my parents (then just Mom after Dad died) were major shareholders, and for the last almost decade of owning the park, my husband and I were its general managers.

We were living in a mobile home down the road from my parent’s. Dad had recently died, and my mother was visiting my sister in Bishop, California. My husband, kids, and I had just returned from our house in Wrightood, California.

The first thing I did, was check on my parent’s—well technically it was just Mom’s—mobile home, to make sure everything was okay. I did a walk through, and everything was just as we left it.

About an hour or so later, we decided to go back over there—so my husband could sit in the spa and the kids could watch TV.

The minute we walked into my parent’s mobile home, the kids yelled, “Hello Grandpa” and I yelled “Hello Dad.” Yes, we were weird like that. Dad had not been gone long, and we felt compelled to say hello…just in case.

In the next moment—right after we shouted our greeting—the VERY next moment—the hall light (which I had turned on when I went over there earlier) literally exploded, and the clock radio in the master bedroom went off—and the music started to blare. Did I mention, no one ever used that clock radio as an alarm? And no one had been home to set it.

It was a little freaky. But we all laughed, and I asked, “Dad, did you have to break the light?”

Do you have a real life ghost story? If you do, please share it here!

(What does the image have to do with the blog post on ghosts? Nothing really!)

Looking for Real Life Ghost Stories

haunted houseDo you have a real life ghost story?

I spend a lot of time thinking about ghosts. It’s inevitable, considering I’m working on Book 7 in my Haunting Danielle series. While the books of Haunting Danielle are fiction, I know many of you have your own real life ghost story or encounter. Want to share?

I’ve created a page on this site where visitors can share their real life ghost encounter in the comment section. I have a few author friends who tell me they intend to share their stories, and I’m anxiously waiting for them to post.

If you have a real life ghost experience you’d like to share, please click here—and post on the comment section for that page.

All comments have to be approved before they go live. Unfortunately, I receive a ridiculous amount of spam posts, and I have to filter those out before legitimate posts go life.

Now you are wondering, what is the deal with the house picture in this post? I snapped that photo the last time Don and I drove to Bullhead City, when passing through Needles, California. Referred to as the “Green House,” some believe it is haunted. Search Needles Haunted House and a number of articles on Needle’s Green House will pop up.