Planet Earth with sun in universe or space, Earth and galaxy in a nebula cloud (Elements of this 3d rendered image furnished by NASA)

In 2016 there are still people out there who claim our planet Earth is flat—not a globe.  Who am I to mock them? After all, I believe in ghosts. Well, at least the possibility of ghosts.

I suspect those who profess to be Flat-Earthers fall into various categories.

  1. Those who don’t actually believe, yet make money by promoting the belief, such as through book sales, seminars, and advertising generated on social media sites.
  2. Those who love a conspiracy. Some people are drawn to conspiracies and have a tendency to believe the current flavor of the decade.
  3. Those who believe based on religion. According to some Flat-Earthers, the proof is in the Bible.
  4. Those who say they believe, because they think it sounds cool.
  5. And those who simply believe Earth is flat, for whatever reason—like NASA is lying to us, or they’ve read all the pro-Flat-Earth websites and find them believable.

Personally, I don’t believe the earth is flat. If flat, then why hasn’t a dedicated Flat-Earther posted a picture on social media showing the earth’s edge? Considering the number of courageous explorers who’ve ventured out over the centuries seeking knowledge, not one has reported back about seeing the earth’s edge.

If these Flat-Earthers are so darn certain the earth is flat, why haven’t they taken to the sea like Greenpeace, to prove their point?

Aren’t there any Flat-Earth pilots willing to attempt a round the globe flight to prove it impossible, and snap some photos while soaring along the earth’s edge?

I’ve not found a single Earth’s edge photo on Instagram. None are trending on Twitter. Not one.

Come on folks. If that doesn’t prove the earth is round, I don’t know what does.

Of course, my Great-grandfather was a Freemason…

One comment on “The Earth is flat. What?!?!?!?

  1. Flat Earth Realitycheck

    By turning Earth into a spinning ball around the Sun and born from a Godless Big Bang they turn humanity into a random meaningless, purposeless accident of an ignorant universe! It’s trauma-based mind-control! Once they make us believe this most fundamental rule of existence that Earth is a globe (what?!) they totally capture us in their surreal world and they handle us too easy afterwards. Wake up sheeple! The Earth is totally Flat from where I am standing!

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