Walt JohnsonI named a central character in my Haunting Danielle series after my father, Walt. Technically speaking, Dad’s name was Walter, but he went by Walt. Coincidentally my father-in-law, my husband’s step-father, was also named Walter. He went by Walter instead of Walt, which made it less confusing at family gatherings.

We have one grandson, Evan, who my daughter and her husband named Evan Walter–after Elizabeth’s grandfathers.

When researching names for the Haunting Danielle series, I discovered Walt was a common name used during Walt Marlow’s time–he was born in 1898.

Why am I posting about this today? Because today is Walt’s birthday–my father Walt Johnson. Had dad lived, he would have been 88 today.

Sadly, Dad passed away 23 years ago—far too young. He is missed, yet I rather like the idea one of my favorite characters has Dad’s name.

Happy Birthday, Daddy.

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