Amazon finally sent out an update to my readers who downloaded The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge—those who received the book from Amazon, the first day it was released. That version had one chapter out of order (which I wrote about on a previous post).

If you fall into this group, it’s an easy fix to upload the most current copy of the book.  Here’s what you need to do. (Refer to the images below) Go to your Amazon page and click on Your Account—see the red arrow!

Amazon Update 1
A drop down menu will appear. Click on the option to Manage Your Content And Devices.

Amazon update 3
Finally, a page will come up listing your books. Look for The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge, and click on Update Available. The updated version of the book will be delivered–the one with the chapters in the correct order!

Amazon Update

Thank you to my readers who have been so understanding and kind during unfortunate incident. I am sincerely sorry this happened.

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