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In every field there is probably a list of generic questions a person gets asked when the topic of discussion is that person’s career.

For a writer, one typical question: What inspires you? I suspect the answer to that question may change as a writer’s career evolves.

In the beginning, the writer might cite another author as the source of inspiration.

For an author who has made a commercial success and is currently making a great deal of money, the true answer might be, money.

For me, at this stage of my career, the answer is obvious. My source of inspiration? My readers. Without them, I simply could not continue—at least, not in the Haunting Danielle series.

If no one wanted to read what I write, it doesn’t mean I would stop writing. But it would mean writing as my career would be over. Obviously, one cannot make a living if no one wants to buy one’s product. But when I say inspiration, I am speaking of something a little deeper.

Inspiration motivates me to keep going. I learned early on, there will always be readers who insist I can’t write and find my stories and characters boring.  But that’s okay—they are not my readers. My readers are the ones who anxiously wait for the next story and express their love for my characters.  Each time I read a review from a reader who truly loved one of my stories, I want to give them something better the next time. I want to up my game and not disappoint them.

Of course, that is not always possible. Even amongst my readers, they will not all agree on each book in the series. But as long as the majority of my readers are satisfied, I know I am going in the right direction.

Speaking of direction—I am moving in a new one with the Haunting Danielle series. I’m a little nervous, but it’s where I want to go—where the story is taking me. It won’t get there in the next few books—but it is heading there.

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