MuffinTinNow that my alter ego has her most recent book out – and she is starting on her next one – I need to focus some of my energy on completing my cookbook, Recipe Traditions, A New Generation. One thing that has given me a kick in the motivation is the recent release of Miss Terry’s Kitchen, by my friend and professional RVer, Terry Russell. Terry travels with her husband, New York Times bestselling author Nick Russell, and together they publish the Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper.

Terry’s book has been a great success, but I imagine one reason for that is that she is a great cook. She’s been sharing her recipes with readers of the Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper for years.

This morning I made muffins – yet I will have to confess it was more for my mom than research for my cookbook. While making the muffins I decided to take some photos of how I fill my muffin tins, so I could share it with you here

Instead of spooning the mixture into the tin, I prefer filling with a makeshift pastry bag, made from a large plastic zip-lock-like bag.  The first thing I do is fit an empty bag into a large measuring cup, and then fill with the mixture. You can see how I did that in the first photo.

After closing the bag while removing any excess air, I cut off one bottom corner of the bag. It’s important not to squish all the mixture to the bottom of the bag before you do this, or you’ll have a mess. You can see what I mean in the middle photo.

I then fill the muffin tin using the bag, operating it like a pastry bag and squirting the mixture in each cup. My third photo is a bit awkward, as I needed an extra hand to hold the bag properly while shooting the photo with my iPad. But, I think you get the idea.

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