When I first started actively publishing eBooks through Amazon in 2011, I frequented the KDP forum, a place where other Indies congregate. While I met some great people there, I stopped hanging out on the KDP forums over a year ago, wanting to avoid the drama, trolls and negativity that often comes from public forums.

Fortunately, some of the good guys I met over at KDP joined me and others in a private writer’s group, where we exchange ideas without all the drama. It’s a nice comfy place, and we’ve about 80 members. Occasionally we get together for some real life meet ups – and recently I met up with fellow member – Nick Russell and his lovely wife, Terri. Full-Time RVers, they publish the Gypsy Journal, and Nick is a New York Times Bestselling author.

They came to Havasu for the annual Winterblast – an amazing fireworks show put on by The Western Pyrotechnic Association. We met up on Thursday night for dinner at Rod’s Homestead, one of Don’s and my favorite Havasu restaurants. We really enjoyed meeting and visiting with Nick and Terri. Dinner was great too.

If you enjoy the RV life – or dream of escaping in an RV someday, you really need to check out Nick’s site.

Photo taken by Don on his iPhone, left to right: Terri Russell, Bobbi Holmes, Nick Russell

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