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For me, daydreaming came before writing. As a child, I was perfectly content to while away a lazy Saturday afternoon making up stories in my head. My imagination took me on countless adventures. Instead of losing myself in a book, I created my own stories.

In those early days, I preferred daydreams to reading books. Despite that, I had a few favorites: Nancy DrewThe Boxcar ChildrenA Wrinkle in TimeThe Pink Motel, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

I started writing stories in grade school, discovered my love of reading in junior high, and wrote my first book in high school.

Today I write mature fiction under my nom de plume, Anna J. McIntyre. Under my real name, I write non-fiction and g-rated fiction.

My popular series—Haunting Danielle—is a paranormal cozy mystery. Currently, there are 31 books in the series, with the 32nd coming out on March 29, 2023. They are available in eBook, paperback and audiobook.

I live with my husband Don, and Lily and Danny (miniature Australian shepherds) in Damascus, Oregon. My 94-year-old mother also lives with us, and she is my number one fan.

In June 2022, my husband and I celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary. We have four wonderful children (counting our son-in-law and daughter-in-law) and two amazing grandchildren.

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  1. janice schermerhorn

    Are you ,Bobbi Holmes, Alexie Aarron the same person.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      No. (Although Alexie is a cute name.) My real name is Bobbi Holmes, but I also write under the pen name, Anna J. McIntyre. Books under my McIntyre pen name are adult fiction, while books written under my real name are G-rated. 🙂

  2. janice schermerhorn

    Ms. Holmes my friend an I decided you are our favorite author by far an we are in
    Our sixty. What we would be g reat s if Walter found a way to leave the house. Maybe someone from above will have mercy for his goodness an let him leave the house. Do you that can be worked on.. I think all the readers would love to see that. Looking for the next book.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the series, and I always love hearing what my readers want for Walt and Danielle. Thank you for writing. As for Walt’s future….

  3. Carl pistocc

    What movie star resembles Danielle? I have read all this series.

  4. Jane Ray

    I have just finished book 5 and have been reading one a day since I “found” You! So, this is day 6. Your characters are fun and very real to me. You have a new fan. So far it seems Joe is a bit dense!

    Heartfelt sympathy for the passing of you Lady,

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you for the kind words on Lady.

      About Joe…he just has a problem seeing out of the box. 🙂

      Glad you are enjoying the series.

  5. Savanna

    I just finished book one and I was HOOKED, I was very taken with the idea of a ghost helping to solve the mystery of his death. This is a much needed book and I am so.happy to have found it when I did…. 4 days ago. As of today (June 12, 2020) I have purchased books 2 & 3 And will buy the rest.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Glad you enjoyed the book! Hope you like the others! Thank you for posting.

  6. suzyplums

    Hi Bobbi,. I’m just wondering if there are any new audio books due out? I’m going into hospital for a transplant and I only have 22 books to listen too. . Thanks Suzy

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Sorry this took me long to get back to you. My website crashed, and I just got it back online. So I am seeing your message just now. Book 25 comes out on Nov 10 on audiobook. If you have a problem getting any of them (normally you can get them in the library as well as places like audible) you can email me at bobbi@robeth.com and I can help. Keeping you in my thoughts! You got this!!!

  7. julie

    Just on book 3 and I am looking forward to reading them all!
    i’m curious if you based the the town on Seaside , Oregon.
    Such great reads, makes my heart happy!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Glad you are enjoying the series! No, and I don’t live in Oregon, but our son and daughter-in-law (she is a native of Oregon) do, and when we visit them we often take trips to the Oregon coast, which inspired the story’s location, yet not one particular town. Happy holidays and stay safe during this crazy time. Hope you continue to enjoy the series. Thanks for posting!

  8. Sharon

    Bobbi, I’m just finishing “The Ghost and the Mystery Writer” and have read all the books in order to this point. I LOVE the. mysteries and the relationship between Walt and Danielle! A beautiful love story!

  9. Jodie

    I love your books. I got The Ghost of Marlow House and never stopped plowing through them. I’m on number 26 and I know I’m getting close to the end. I download the audiobooks from the library to my ipod and listen to them all the time. I am hooked. Please keep the Ghost series coming!

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