Real Life Ghost Stories

The Haunting Danielle series takes place at Marlow House—a haunted Bed and Breakfast along the Oregon coast. Its resident ghost is more charming than scary, but occasionally Danielle (owner of the B&B and the one who can see ghosts) encounters a not so charming spirit.

While the series is fiction, I’ve talked to many people who believe in ghosts—some who claim they’ve had encounters.

For those of you who would like to share your real life ghost story—please do so in the comment section below. True stories only!




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  1. Suzie O'Connell

    I went to college at the University of Montana-Western, and there’s a ghost named Matilda who haunts Matthews Hall, where I lived in the best floor. The story is Matilda attended Western back when it was the “Montana Normal School” (teacher college) in the early 1910s and got pregnant out of wedlock and hanged herself in one of the stairwells. Primarily, she haunts the third, uppermost floor, but one night, she came all the way down to the basement floor where my roommate and I resided. We were up goofing around, cracking jokes in the wee hours of the morning in the dark, and my roommate suddenly asks why I went into the other room of our two-room suite. I was still in my bed, but she SWEARS she saw me get up and walk into the other room. We also heard stories of small appliances (microwaves, TVs, curling irons, etc.) turning on without being turned on, people waking up with scracthes, things like that.

    1. Daen

      My daughter literally called me 30 minutes ago from Matthews hall where she is a freshman. She said she was sitting in her bed reading and her door handle started shaking Like someone was trying to get in. Thinking it was her roommate she let it go for several seconds before she got up, went to the door it stopped and know one was there. Immediately the sink faucet started lightly running she walked toward the sink and the handle turned by itself full blast!!! She is a little freaked out at the moment.

      1. Suzie O'Connell

        I heard a lot of stories like that when I lived in Matthews, and I don’t blame her for being freaked out! Bill Herrin (I think he’s still the head custodian; I think is office is over in JDC now) is the one who told me how and where Matilda died. If your daughter has a chance, she could ask him about it. It’s an interesting tale.

      2. Sharon E Collier

        There is a haunted restaurant near here, the Moss Beach Distillery
        . Many have reported seeing the ghost. And she turns water taps on just like the one your daughter experienced.

  2. Robert Thomas

    Very few people know of this story, less than a handful, I’d say …

    Many years ago when I was younger, about the age of twenty-two or three (give or take), I had spent the evening and well into the night at a wedding. It was in the summer months as I recall the evening was warm and I wasn’t wearing a jacket. It was late, very late, about 2 a.m. when I was driving home on the freeway.

    At that point in time, I lived in an older area of the city. In itself, it was relatively safe place to be, however getting to that point, one had to venture through some areas that weren’t so friendly. As it happened, I ran out of gas on the freeway about a mile from the next exit. I guided my car to the shoulder and sat there for a minute. I was tired. I know the area and knew there was a gas station at the end of the exit. That meant walking to get there, buying their gas can and walking back to my car. Remember, this was well before the age of the cell phone. No ‘phone-a-friend’ or AAA was coming to my rescue.

    Just as I got out of my car, another vehicle pulled up behind me. It was an old station wagon, light blue in color and several years old. Out steps this big fella, rather tall, at least compared to me and solidly built. He had a big blonde mop of tussled hair and he was sporting a white tee shirt and cut-off jeans. And he was bare-footed. He steps up and offers to take me down the road to the exit. I thanked him and we were off.

    In the end, I got home safely. (I haven’t run out of gas since). So what’s so angelic about that, you ask? Nothing on the surface. I received help when I needed help. From my perspective, I was in no immediate danger other than getting hit by a car. However, after some time had passed, I had a revelation. As I was thinking about what had happened that night, it was if a veil had been lifted from my eyes and I saw the event clearly for what it was. The person who stepped to my aid was the spitting image of my cousin Tony, a big strapping farm-boy kind of guy with a heart as big as the ocean. Still, what’s so special about that? You didn’t recognize him.

    Tony had been killed by a drunk driver about eight years before.

    I believe in angels to this day.

    1. Donette Miller

      What a beautiful story. I too believe in angels, because on more than one occasion I was spared from a tragic accident. * In my car I was alone, traveling home in the wee hours of the morning & extremely tired. I guess I dozed off then someone yelled my name so loud & clear as if they were sitting next to me. When I opened my eyes I was heading straight in a headon collission with an 18 wheeler. I veered to the side of the road avoiding imminent death. My guardian angel saved my life.* Thank you for sharing.

    2. Jerrilyn Blackman

      I had a similar thing happen on a cross-country trip in my old Chevy truck that drank oil for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! The truck started to overheat as I went over a huge hill, and started smoking. I made it over the hill, and coasted down the other side, bringing it to a stop at the bottom of the hill, pulling safely to the side of the road to let it cool down. I was out of fresh oil! I had carried extra, but used it, and intended to get more at the next town. I was miles from any services. I asked God to help, and immediately, a huge semi came over the hill behind me, and pulled to a stop in front of me. Out jumped the driver WITH OIL CAN IN HAND and a big grin on his face! He handed me the oil can, said, “Here — this’ll get you to the next town.” then, turned around, got back in his truck, and went on down the road. I put in the oil — the very type I used for my truck — the truck cooled off, and I drove to the next town. An angel in the form of a semi-truck driver! How did he know why I was stopped or that I needed oil?

  3. Karen Johnson

    Interesting. I find it fascinating how so many B & B’s and other tourist reliant businesses seem to be “haunted”, but how too few private homes seem to have the same history.

    Is it possible that the “ghosts” know that this will draw tourism to the businesses? LOL

    1. Sharon E Collier

      It may be that no family wants to live in a haunted house, but it’s a draw for a B&B.

  4. Virginia Fair Richards-Taylor

    The oddest ghost story I heard was from friends who moved when their son was three. They could sense presences in the house, but weren’t concerned. However the boy became upset fairly soon about the “three ladies” in his room, who scolded him, and told him “it’s not nice to lie”. Apparently two sisters who’d lived together remained, and so did another woman who lived and died at a different point. The problem was that while he could see all of them, and the two ghosts who’d (presumably) lived and died together could see him and each other, and the other woman could talk to him, neither the single nor the pair of ghosts could see each other. Seeing ghosts didn’t bother him, but having adults tell him he was lying when he wasn’t was very upsetting to the toddler. So his parents had to help their spirits to move on. This is the only example I’ve heard of where ghosts were on different frequencies from each other.

  5. Jackie Scott

    I completely believe in spirits/ghosts I have been aware of them since I was in my early 20’s I am now in my late 50’s so I have encountered them for many years. My daughter has an elderly man who haunts her home and when he wants to attract her or her partners attention he makes the sound of the front door opening and closing and then footsteps on the stairs, he’s totally harmless and has never once frightened my daughter or her partner though friends of there’s have in the past found it quite unsettling. During my daughter’s childhood we had a wonderful Staffordshire bull terrier who was so gentle and took such care of my daughter that we were distraught when he passed away however most nights I feel him getting onto my bed and going through his settling down ritual that he always did before going to sleep for the night, I love the fact that he is still around and that he let’s me know. These are just a couple of our experiences over the years.

  6. Claude McLain

    On a trip from Mildenhall England to Edinburgh Scotland, we got a late start. In those days the motorway passed through a small village on the border of England and Scotland. We arrived late and had to take what rooms available. I shared a room with another member of our party and being tired we immediately went to bed.. Later I woke up with a cold cold body snuggled up to me. I bounded out of bed, thinking my companion must have homosexual tendencies but found him sitting in a chair across the room looking terrified. “it got to too didn’t it?”, was all he said. We spent the rest of the night sitting in straight back wooden chairs. The next morning as the hotel manager checked us all out, he looked at our key and said, “This room isn’t supposed to be let under any circumstances! It’s haunted by the ghost of an 17th chamber maid who was murdered in that room. She crawls in bed with anyone staying in the room!”. Seeing our faces, he didn’t charge us and told us we had paid enough. I’ll always remember my night in the Red Lion Inn….

  7. Becky Inman

    I definitely believe in ghosts. I have had so many encounters, but I will stick with the one where I actually saw an apparition. I was working at a hotel on the night shift. There was a restaurant that was right across from the driveway, so it was very close. I was standing at the front desk looking toward the restaurant when I noticed a beautiful Indian woman with long braids standing there and she was smiling. My first thought was there was someone in the restaurant, but it dawned on me there wasn’t. The way the front desk was set up there was a room behind the front desk with a window. I realized that this lady was being reflected in the restaurant window. So, my next thought was there was someone in the room behind me, so I went to look. No one was there. I went back up front and she was still there. So, at the point I realized that she was a ghost and I was seeing her reflecting from the window behind the front desk to the window at the restaurant. It was pretty amazing.

  8. Sharon

    How many do you want? I have lots.
    How about 3 different sorts?

    When I was young I was playing on the swingset in my backyard when a man dressed in overalls came striding toward me from the side of the house. He was looking right at me, but didn’t say anything in spite of me speaking to him. He didn’t scare me. Then when he got right in front of me he disappeared.

    I was a little older when a stairway appeared in front of me, going up into the sky. Each stair was huge, about knee high on me. They were transparent and had no railings. A person came down, walked past me, and disappeared. The stairs were solid. I went up about 6 of them, and then wanted to show my parents. I went to get my mom but when we got outside they were gone. I knew where they were, so I closed my eyes and tried to confidently climb one. Nope. On his deathbed my dad and I spoke of it. He remembered me coming in and getting mom, telling them that story. They always wondered if it was true. Mom and Dad died in that same house, which I grew up in. I wonder if they walked that stairway to Heaven.

    After the death of one of our dogs we all heard him run across the house to the front door when my husband came home. Scrambling feet on our wood floors.

  9. John Eaton

    I joined the Royal Air Force in the UK whilst in my teens. I underwent Trade Training at a base near Wolverhampton. While I was training I joined the bases local radio station as a presenter. The Radio station was housed in an old military detention centre. Myself and my girlfriend were presenting a late show on a Friday which didn’t finish until after midnight. We decided, as it was late to stay overnight and bed down in the crew lounge. We were just dropping off to sleep when we heard footsteps going down the corridor towards the studios. I got up to investigate but there was no one there. However the door to the old exercise yard was unlocked and open. I could have sworn that I had locked up before bedding down for the night. Calling myself stupid, I locked the door and went back to bed. I had only been in bed 10 minutes when we heard footsteps again. I was trying to ignore them when my girlfriend screamed. I looked up to see a cat walking through the wall.
    When we got up the next morning, the door to the exercise was open again. I couldn’t explain these happenings, but I learned later that on of the warders of the detention centre had committed suicide on the premises and he also had a pet cat that pined away for him.
    Maybe you can draw your own conclusions. It still confuses me to this day.
    John Eaton United Kingdom

  10. Debbie C.

    Several years ago I worked at a living history museum. One day the staff went out to lunch together leaving me and one other lady behind to handle the site. It was a chilly, drizzling day and we had no visitors. I was sitting in the gift shop at the counter when I looked across the street at the main house on property. I watched a lady in period dress with a bonnet on her head walk from one of the out buildings to the main house. I thought nothing of this because the other coworker left behind was a historical interpreter who was often dressed in period clothing. Imagine my surprise when the back door opened minutes later and she came in wearing jeans, a flannel shirt and bucket hat. I asked if she had been across the street and she said no she was in the back painting. She went straight over to o look around but of course saw nothing. We use to hear footsteps, door closings etc. but that was the only time I ever saw anything unusual. The buildings onsite were from the 1700s and 1800s.

  11. Mindy

    I have seen spirits since I was little, had a lady always walking down my upstairs hall.She had an old hoop dress and carried a parasol. When I got older I joined a paranormal group, and we went to Moundsville penitentiary, as we were asking questions in Red’s cell (he was stabbed to death outside of it) we were not getting any responses on our spirit box, so we said we were leaving and the spirit box said loud and clear “wait dont go Carol”. The other investigators name was Carol!

  12. sandra dennis

    Several years ago I was taking care of my elderly father in law so after he passes away im over at his house cleaning things up,I brought my radio and I had music going this was a cassette tape working perfectly fine after a few minutes my music suddenly stops like someone hit the stop button.I think weird I restart my music and carry on then my music stops again! Now my father in law had no love for my music so I look around and say ok no music.I know it was his way of telling me just clean no music.

  13. Donna Anderson

    When I was a young girl – about 4, maybe 5 ish, we lived in Montana in an old farm house. It was a one room home with a loft. The kitchen was in one corner, the “master” was in another corner and us kids slept in the loft. We had an outhouse that we we go to if we needed to use the privy. (Bathroom…) Anyway – I can remember never wanting to use that and it wasn’t because I thought it was nasty or anything it was because whenever I got close to it there was a young boy that always hung around it. I would cry because I didn’t want him watching me go potty but my sister and brothers and parents never saw this child that I always saw. I still remember, to this day what he looks like. He wasn’t scary or anything, he was just a young boy that hung around our outhouse and only I could see him.

  14. Barbara

    During the summer of 1993, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was in the process of obtaining a very nasty divorce and dealing with a jerk. In the past when pictures were taken of me in my home there was always a orb above my shoulder. I never thought too much of this just thinking it was the camera. One very hot and humid night my little schnauzer and I were woken up freezing cold. I could actually see my breathe. I rolled over to look at the time and found a little girl standing there. Now, I was totally awake. She was dressed in a beautiful victorian dress and her hair was in long curls. (If I could draw, to this day, I would be able is draw her picture. That is how vivid she appeared). I asked her who she was, then realized that I could see the alarm clock through her(it was 3:20 am). I than asked “what are you? She immediately disappeared and the room became hot again. My dog would not go back in that room for months. I want to think that she is my Guardian angel watching over me.

  15. Judy

    Family and friends of my daughter and son-in-law rented Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, KY for an overnight ghost hunt. There is a 425 foot long tunnel that goes from the back corner of the building down hill to train tracks. Back when the tunnel was in use, there were train tracks in it (since removed) and little cars would carry supplies up and down. After a while, patients who had succumbed to tuberculosis were sent down the tunnel to funeral homes so the patients still alive wouldn’t be discouraged by seeing all of the ambulances take the dead away via the main entrance . My friend and I were sitting in the tunnel in the dark at about 2:00 AM. All the sudden we heard one of those cars zoom by us. It was very loud. We could hear it approach, go by us, and then leave. Since the tracks and cars have been removed, it was impossible to have an actual car zoom by. We decided it was time to go up and join the rest of the group.

  16. Diana Butler

    My husband and I were staying at a bed and breakfast in New Orleans. We had just got into bed and my husband sat up and said that he felt someone pull on his leg and a few minutes later we heard someone laugh. The room temperature dropped when we were encountering this ghost. We checked out that next morning.

  17. Donette Miller

    I had recently gotten married & we moved into this tiny house along a major highway, but surrounded on all 3 sides by farmland. The house was very old & didn’t have much for insulation so was very cold in the winter. My husband was a trucker for a local company so he was home every night, but up at 4am. One morning after he’d headed out to work I crawled back in bed waiting for the sun to kind of warm up the place as we had no heat. This particular morning as I snuggled down under the covers I kept feeling like someone was watching me. I thought this was weird as I was alone. When I opened my eyes to see if someone was there, there was a woman, just the bust part, hovering in the corner near the door. She had long white hair & black sockets where her eyes should be. I just stared, scared out of mind, frozen in fear. I eventually threw the covers over my head to block her out. How I fell asleep I guess I’ll never know or who she was or why she was there, but I never saw her again. That was over 40yrs ago & I remember it like yesterday. If I knew then what I know now I would have tried to communicate with her to find out why she was there.

  18. Linda Thomas

    Our Ghost story was odd I guess. We were living in a rental house. There was this man, that everytime I left a Leanne Rhimes CD in the player he would turn it on randomly. We would be standing 10 feet away and it would just start playing. One night our granddaughter was sleeping in her room came out screaming about the man in her room. We moved her out of that room and left it as a guest room. My son and Daughter in law were sleeping when my son got woke up from a deep sleep to a floating head next to the bed. He woke up his wife and after seeing this she covered her head with the blankets! I never felt anything evil about him, just curiosity.

  19. Bernie Albiston

    We were a big family, mum, dad, my three sisters and two brothers,. Mum had taken in her sisters two kids, a boy and a girl. So a big family.
    We lived in a three bedroomed maisonette, and needed to use the parlour as another bedroom when my sister had a child. There were many little things happened, all the forks disappearing and then reappearing , one shoe of a pair would go missing, later turning up in a different part of the house, we lived with it and found it quite amusing at times.

    My sister and I had to be up early for work, I shared an upstairs bedroom with the other girls in the house and she slept in the parlour bedroom with her son. I would get up first and make some tea and toast for us both, then wake her, she never got up first call. I had finished my breakfast and she had yet to show her face, so I went into the bedroom to wake her, again, but found my dad had got there first, he was just about to shake her awake, so I left the bedroom and went to make dad a brew, I took it upstairs to him, only to find him fast asleep, I spoke to him thanking him for waking my sister and gave him his tea,, dad was very confused, as I had woken him from a deep sleep, he hadn’t left his bed at all. I went back down to my sisters bedroom to find her still asleep, she had never been woken by anyone. We came to the conclusion that whoever or whatever had played tricks on us all the time we had lived there, had pulled another trick on me that morning.


    I worked in a Travel Center that had a warehouse attached to the store area. On one wall there was a door that led to a small room with all the electrical breakers. The doorway was the only way in or out. I was walking thru the warehouse past that doorway and caught a glimpse of a co-worker I knew. As backed up to say hell-o he was had vanished, just an empty room. Kinda freaked me out as I saw him clearly. You kinda start doubting yourself, which I did until 2 days later when I found out he had committed suicide the day before I saw him in the breaker room.

  21. Rebel

    My family and I were living in El Monte CA. It was an old house on a few acres of land. My sister had the bedroom facing the front yard. One night she started screaming and I went into her room and at the foot of her bed was this elderly woman. She just stood there looking at my sister and then myself. When my father ran into the room she just disappeared My dad thought it was just my sister trying to get attention but it was real and she was scary looking.

  22. Roxana Hatfield

    My father passed away in December 1994. A year later my daughter got married in December and both services were in the same church. During her marriage ceremony all of my fathers granddaughters were standing at the altar and I saw my father, who remember passed away the year before, was looking down from the back of the altar watching and smiling. No one else saw him but I know he was there.

  23. Ann Diaz

    This is about “paranormal dimes“. Years ago, my husband had a cardiac arrest, on his bike, in the street. Bystanders performed CPR until ambulance arrived. He had to be shocked twice more on the ride to hospital. (He was without oxygen for 4-6 minutes, Amazingly he recuperated with no disabilities) Hours later, The ambulance driver came back to find me in the ER and give me a dime she found on the ground next to him. She gave it to me and said someone was watching out for him and they left this dime as proof. Fast forward 5-6 years and we lost a sweet little 6 year old Friend to cancer. My daughter came home from school during that first week after Shay’s death telling me she had just discovered a dime that had been in her shoe! As she told me this I heard Shay laugh. I said, “Shay put it there to play a trick on you and I just heard her laugh”.
    Not really ghost stories, but I sure believe there’s some sort life beyond death. These angels leave dimes as a way to let us know they’re watching over us. My daughter, on her own and living away from us Sent a picture a couple days ago. It was of her feet on the sidewalk and a dime on the ground. It’s our comfort to believe in paranormal dimes.

  24. Danelle

    Before I began working at an open air living history museum in Los Angeles I was a docent for a number of years. People always liked to trade ghost stories and I was always skeptical – that is, until I started spending a lot more time there!

    It’s nothing dramatic, mostly footsteps and knocking sounds that you can’t explain. Often, when I work in my office on the upper floor of a building I hear someone walking up the stairs. If I’m working on a display I’ll hear knocking in another room and walk over to the source to find I’m completely alone.

    Most entertaining was when I walked into a house to put something away and walked in on a tuneless, idle whistle. I called out, smartly, “hello?” and it abruptly stopped.

    Two of our volunteers say they have seen the legs of a man, but I haven’t yet! Some people have all the luck! 😉

  25. Marlene Rasmussen

    Many years we had a really secluded cabin in the north Woods of Wisconsin. I woke up startled as I actually heard ghosts playing poker. I was awake and I could hear them talking about their playing. I thought at first I could be imagining it but it was clear as day to me. It was kind of creepy to me. The cabin was really deep in the northwoods. We also had another friendwho was a fishing trip with the guys in the same cabin and he says he saw a ghost at the foot of this bed.Ok he was not drunk as well. I believed him after what I heard in the cabin. I really believe the spirits or ghosts really exist. Most people however think I am nuts LOL

  26. Shelly Pixler

    I grew up in a haunted house in Akron, Ohio. The previous owner, an elderly old man, had died in my bedroom. One afternoon, when I was a teenager, the phone rang. I turned around to walk over and answer it when it lifted off the hook into the air! It hung there for a few seconds and then dropped to the floor. This was the first physical thing that I had experienced. We toured the house when I was 10 and I had an eerie feeling the moment I stepped into the house. However, I do feel he wasn’t a harmful or scary spirit. When we moved, I actually missed him. My family used to talk to him and called him Mr. Klein.

  27. Lynne

    I had an encounter at my former in-law’s house when I was in my 20’s. They lived in an old centennial house in Michigan. You had to go through the Master Bedroom to get to the stairs leading to the 2 bedrooms upstairs. In the middle of the night I had to use the restroom, but didn’t want to turn on the light, afraid it would wake them. I started down the stairs in the dark, about 2 steps worth, and i saw a figure at the bottom of the stairs in white. Needless to say, I froze. I just stared at it as it materialized into a woman. It was only when that ‘woman’ started up the stairs that I immediately grabbed the string to turn on the light. She disappeared. My mother-in-law believed me, but my father-in-law and husband kidded me saying that it was probably light filtering up from the basement. But I know what I saw and I never went up and down those stairs without turning on a light.

  28. Patricia Farmer

    I have two of them the first is my little dog Sara and she loves to jump on my bed and curl up either in my bent knees or the small of my back. She has been doing that for about a year or so now. When she does it I smile and almost hold my breath so I won’t disturb her. I feel her heat and the pressure of her tiny body and when she has gone I see the imprint of where she lay. The funny thing about all this is that my sweet Sara has been gone for two years now.

    Story two: This happened about 40 years ago now in an old house that I just moved into. The first night I fell asleep and I saw a captain of a ship from the 1800’s. I could not hear what he was saying but he kept on talking to me and trying so hard to get my attention. He looked frantic and it scared me, I couldn’t understand but he was trying to tell me something. Anyway, the next day seemed normal and I forgot the dream. I slept fine for a couple of nights. Then this captain was in my dream again and still trying to get some message to me. I had no idea who he was or what he wanted. This happened again the next night and again he start to talk to me and he kept saying something about it being his fault. I still didn’t understand but he instructed me to go down into the basement. Why, I do not know plus I didn’t know what I was supposed to do down there. I did as he had said. The walls in the basement had some mortar or concrete on them. All of a sudden I walked to a wall on my right….it was like something or someone was pulling me there. When I touched the wall it felt warm. I felt around and tried to pull away some of the mortar and it started to crumb in my hand. Under neath it was dirt, just plain dirt. I kept digging and found a bag. I was made of cloth and it had a prosthetic arm. Later I was to find out that the first owner of the house had had an accident years ago and had to use this device when he was younger and he hated it and so he buried it in the wall. This had me shaking my head. Why would this captain want me to find that? Anyway, when I fell to sleep my dream was a little different. An older lady with a dress and bonnet of someone from a later period came to me and was wringing her hands and said to me that here little Becky was only 3 years old. Where is she, why can’t I find her? She talking about this for a few minutes and then the captain joined her. They continued to talk about their Becky. The woman said it took only a few minutes when she was hang out clothes, outside in the back left hand corner of the house. I am listening to them talk about all this and I wonder what do they want, is there something there trying to tell me. I just could figure it out. I woke up the next morning and the dream kept running around in my head. So after a while I went outside in the back yard. I looked and didn’t see anything like a close line or anything so I moved some weeds and saw and concrete step or slab. I wondered if maybe that was where he close line had been. Closer examination showed me some holes that could have been a close line holder. After finding this I really did seem to think that they were looking for something so I really thought they were giving me clues maybe. The next night was a dozy. They came to me again and they were both close to tears and she was wringing her hand and they were talking about Becky and how she is lost and can’t be found. They talk about how the woman had just left Becky for a couple of minutes while she hung out her clothes. Becky was playing in the yard just in the distance then all of a sudden she was gone. Where did she go?? Why hasn’t she come home? Then I woke up with a start! what in heavens name is going on. I called up the family of the first owner and found out that there great grandfather had owned the land. At that time a little girl had gone missing and no one could find her. I walked around the property and found what looked like a cement circle in the ground. I called the old owner’s what it was and they told me that it was an old well that had been covered up. I felt sick to my stomach. Oh no, please don’t let it be what I was thinking. I ask the old owner’s when was it covered and they told me it was about two days after the little girl went missing. I asked if they looked in the well before they covered it but they said no! They said it was supposed to be covered up for them months before they got around to it. I felt crushed. I called and had the slab removed and sure enough there was the skeletal remains of a little girl. They took the remains and covered up the well again. I felt so sick. I was afraid to go to sleep that night because I didn’t know what I was going to say to these people. But, I should never have worried because the captain, his wife and this sweet little girl standing together and all happy to be together again. They directly said thank you for finding her for us. My heart swelled up inside and I woke up crying…happy tears. I was in awe. I couldn’t believe that they would come to me and I would be able to help them. I never saw them again.

  29. Sarah JM

    When I was 9 (now 46) my grandad died. He had been poorly for what felt like months but I’m not sure and his bed was moved into the living room. We would visit him and my grandma and I remember being told to go speak to him. He was out of it, heavy, wheezy breathing and it scared me slightly. He died. I didn’t believe my mum, was told off for not believing her. Then for what seemed like ages afterwards I would see him stood between my window and wardrobe literally every night. He was just stood quietly watching me. I was petrified! I would hide under the quilt and peep over the top but he would still be there.

    My mum said some strange things happened straight after he died. The house smelt of home made wine, which was a hobby of his but had not made any for years. The door in the living room would open which wasn’t something that would happen with draft because the door touched the carpet so had to be pushed open hard. Once my mum was sat in what was my grandad’s seat when the door opened so she said sorry dad here is your seat and she jumped up. The cushion remained flat as if someone was sat there. She would also have vivid dreams he was sat at the end of her bed. She said they didn’t feel like dreams. Every now and again she still has this dream but now both my grandad and grandma are sat there. My grandma died a few years later.

    On the day my other grandad died, when a was 17, I walked past their house and waved to him on the way to school. He smiled back. At lunch time I came home and was told by my dad that my grandad never got up. He had died in his sleep.

  30. Victoria Torgerson

    When we lived in Richmond Virginia, we owned a two story house. The house was not haunted. However, it was a portal. We had apparitions that came and went. Our family, as well as our friends, could watch the ghosts walk down the hall out the wall and across the back yard into the trees. Othertimes, they would just vanish. None of the spirits ever stayed longer than a few minutes. And they came in the attire of different eras. They were all benign and never paid any attention to us.
    I checked the land records to see if there was any type of depot nearby but there was no record. Sometimes, our pets would follow them as far as the wall.

  31. Judy

    My friend and I went on a ghost/history walk last night in Galveston, Texas. As always in August it was hot and humid. The guide started out that she is a medium and if she gets messages she will share them. Part way through we pointed to me and said someone was there to talk to me and would I stay after. Sure. The message was believable. The interesting part was when we got back to the car. Remember Galveston in the summer. Hot & Humid. The car had been siting there, windows up, for over 2 hours. When we opened the doors it was COLD inside. Thanks Daddy!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Great story! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Karen Millett

    When I was a kid my mom used to leave me with a lady when she went out for the evening. I slept in the smallest room and it had a witch window. I never slept good in that room. I could feel two spirits, I guess you could say, in there. One was a dirty, ugly old man who was in the closet. I was afraid of him. There was also a woman in a white dress, who always seemed do sad, sat at the window. She never left the window and kept the old man in the closet. Over the years as I was able to stay by myself I didn’t visit the woman much or stay the night. The few times that I did I could still feel that they were still there but seemed faded. The last time I was in that room, the old man had gone, I no longer felt him there and the woman in white I felt very faintly. This was quite awhile ago and the house long since sold and renovated but I hope she has found her rest as well.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Oh my, that would be so scary for a child! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Debbie Burns

    Your FB post suggested Ouija Board stories could be shared here too. We had a board when we were kids and, although the planchette did move around without our consciously pushing it, it never said anything mysterious. One evening we had it out and my Mum sat down to give it a try before heading out to her bowling league. She asked it how many spares and strikes she would get that night and it gave her answers. At the bowling alley she told her teammates what the Ouija had predicted, and as the night progressed the story spread around. By the last string she had matched the number of spares. As she got up for the last frame she only needed one more strike to match the prediction. Everyone in the alley had paused to watch …… she choked and didn’t make it.

  34. Asila

    The house I grew up in is haunted, and has been since I can remember. There’s 2 there, an older lady and a younger male. I remember seeing him, she’s more vocal. Usual things tv’s turn of on their own, new clocks always stop on the same time, her yelling at me it was time for bed. The boy, possibly in his teens I can remember watching walk through the house and my cousin asked who he was. No one ever believes me, and my best friend hadn’t until she stayed the night. She had to stay the night, I was working late, and my mom was out of town. She was asleep when I came home, but the next day she told me I startled her. My little lady had startled her, hushed her and pulled the blanket up. Then told her to go back to sleep and patted her head. She was never so sweet with me! I guess you could say that lady and I had a special relationship, and she liked sleeping kids!

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