Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes

Ready for The Ghost and the Halloween Haunt ?

This past week the tech folks have been making some changes to my websites, so until today no new comments from readers were posted. But they tell me it’s finished, so…I’m back!!

While waiting for the tech people to finish their work I wasn’t idle. We completed the paperback versions of The Ghost and the Halloween Haunt—in large print and regular paperback. While the eBook version will not be released until August 31, 2019, you can order the paperbacks now!

For those eBook readers, if you haven’t pre-ordered you can pre-order now at all the venues, including the iTune store.

My Poet Side

Motherhood, a book of poems

As many of you know, my 91-year old mother lives with us. She’s frequently sharing with me some treasure she has saved. A few years ago it was a poem I had written when I was in elementary school, about some dog I never had. 

In Junior High Mom gave me a little book of poems called, A Cup of Sun, by Joan Walsh Anglund. I practically wore that book out—reading and rereading the poems. In fact, I was so familiar with her work that when the US Post Office screwed up and put out the Maya Angelou postage stamp with a poem practically identical to Andlund’s, I immediately knew something was amiss.  (Anglund was very gracious about the whole thing.)

Anglund sparked my interest in poetry. Teenage girls are notorious for their passionate emotions. While I wasn’t as emotional as some teenage girls I knew back then, the emotions I felt were often expressed in poetry. I wrote some pretty sappy poems in those days.

When I had children I began writing poems about motherhood, which I eventually published.  

Most of my poems were short—in the spirit of how Angelou had inspired me as a child. But there were several rather long ones, two of which hang in my mother’s bedroom. One was written for my father and the other for Mom.

I don’t profess to be a great poet by any stretch of the imagination, but poetry has always been part of my repertoire.  

More Haunting Danielle audiobooks!

It looks as if my birthday month of November this year isn’t just about me going on Medicare. From what I am seeing on the Tantor Media website, The Ghost Who Was Says I Do (Book 20) and The Ghost and the Baby (Book 21) are both scheduled to be released in audiobook format during that month.

November 12, 2019 is the listed release date of Book 20, while November 26, 2019 is the listed release date of Book 21.  As for Book 22, Tantor Media won’t be receiving that file until the end of this month, so a release date for that audiobook is a bit premature.

For my audiobook listeners, hope you enjoy them!!