Martini Wednesday, almost a thing…

After yesterday’s blog post, some asked if I celebrated with a martini. No, I ended up passing. But I will tell you a secret—I love vodka martinis!

If they weren’t bad for you, I would enjoy cocktail hour every evening by drinking a vodka martini, extra olives.

Unfortunately, I had breast cancer, and I’ve been advised to drink no more than two alcoholic beverages a week. Since I want to live, I take the advice.

But even before the breast cancer, I understood women and booze—especially hard liquor—not a good combo for one’s health, so I practiced moderation.

Yet, once when Don made my mom and me martinis, we enjoyed them so much we came up with a plan.  It was a Wednesday evening, and we sat out on the patio of our then Havasu home.

Mom and I giggled a lot that night, enjoying our cocktails, and decided to proclaim Wednesdays—Martini Wednesday. That was our plan. We would each have two martinis every Wednesday.  (Two is the limit.)

But the next morning, Mom and I each woke up with a new outlook. Neither of us had a restful night sleep. Hard liquor might put me to sleep early, but sometimes it makes me wake up at 3 am.  So did Mom that night. Hence, Martini Wednesday never became a thing.

But last month it was my daughter-in-law’s birthday, and she and our son were having dinner at our house. She wanted martinis, so I decided to save up my two-drink quota for that night. When out buying the vodka, my husband spotted the most adorable martini glass (above) and bought it for our daughter-in-law, SeAnne. We think it sort of looks like her! He bought me the stemless one.

So, I think I’ll wait to have my next martini for when SeAnne can join me. 

What I did do last night, was take an early shower and snuggle up in bed to watch Pat Rooney deliver my speech. It was live streamed on Havasu Online TV over on Facebook. If you are interested in seeing how he did, you should be able to find the video by clicking here. Pat’s part comes right after 1.02.20, when they introduce the awards.

But for now, time to get off the computer. We have friends from California coming for a visit, and I am VERY excited! We haven’t seen them since pre-pandemic.  Hope you all have a great weekend!