Book 2 – The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds

The second book in the series, The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds, takes place about a month after Danielle and Lily have settled into Marlow House. We find them preparing for the grand opening of Danielle’s new bed and breakfast. In this book we meet Danielle’s remaining family member: her cousin Cheryl, who shows up uninvited to Marlow House’s grand opening.

Many readers are understandably not fond of Cheryl.  But cut the girl some slack—she’s having a rough time, and it is about to get rougher.

One thing I found intriguing about the reaction to this book are the number of readers who felt Danielle was too nice to Cheryl—insisting they would have tossed Cheryl out the door minutes after her arrival.

Not only would that end the story prematurely, and totally mess up my story line—I think it would be highly unrealistic, especially considering Danielle’s personal history and character traits.

In spite of Cheryl’s annoying ways, she and Danielle were basically raised like sisters.  And like sisters, they have their issues—but they are still family, and for Danielle, Cheryl is all the family she has left.

When writing a book, I try to imagine how each character would actually react in real life—not how we wish they would act.

Other notable points in this story—Danielle is no longer the only one who knows about Walt, and that budding romance with Joe—it is not looking promising for the couple.






More Haunting Danielle audiobooks!

It’s official! Tantor Media has purchased the rights to books 4, 5, and 6 in the Haunting Danielle series. For those following the story via audiobook format, you can expect the audiobooks to be released in upcoming months. As soon as I have specific release dates, I will let you know!

About those titles…

The Haunting Danielle Series

The Ghost of Marlow House (Book 1)
The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds (Book 2)
The Ghost Who Wasn’t (Book 3)
The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge (Book 4)
The Ghost of Halloween Past (Book 5)
The Ghost Who Came for Christmas (Book 6)
The Ghost of Valentine Past (Book 7)
The Ghost from the Sea (Book 8)
The Ghost and the Mystery Writer (Book 9)
The Ghost and the Muse (Book 10)
The Ghost Who Stayed Home (Book 11)
The Ghost and the Leprechaun (Book 12)
The Ghost Who Lied (Book 13)
The Ghost and the Bride (Book 14)

As you probably already noticed, there’s a pattern here…each of my books in the Haunting Danielle series begins with “The Ghost…” But the fact is, when I first started the series, this wasn’t the case.

I originally intended to call the series—and each book in it—Haunting Danielle—followed by a number. Such as: Haunting Danielle, Book 1

At the time, I thought it would be good branding, while helping the readers easily recognize the order of the books in the series. I soon learned, this wasn’t going to work. It seemed this confused many of the eBook vendors.

My designer had already created the basic cover—Marlow House with the “Haunting Danielle” across the upper portion of the cover. I especially liked the Haunting Danielle font and its placement on the artwork, so I decided—with my designer’s input—to leave that and then just add the book title under the series’ name.

I’ve no regrets on my final style design, aside from wishing I hadn’t first released the first two books in the series as Book 1 and Book 2. I ended up renaming them The Ghost of Marlow House and The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds when I released the third book in the series.

I especially confused one reader/reviewer who wrote: “I don’t know why the name of the series gets the biggest font on the cover, unless the author wants to discourage people from reviewing it, since it was a little difficult to find at first.”

I thought that was amusing—the idea I was in some way hiding the name of the book so people wouldn’t review it. The fact was—I just screwed up with titling my books when the series first came out.