Remember when rabbit ears weren’t furry?





What is that old cliché about age? Oh I remember—you are only as old as you feel. Personally, I find that saying a little passé.

These days it’s not necessarily the aches and pains that make us feel old, but the inability to keep up on the technological treadmill. It started innocent enough with the TV remote. At our house we have four different remotes for our living room television. One came with the TV, another from our cable company, the third for our Roku and I’m not really sure what the fourth remote does. When my husband and I go out for the day, my mother (age 86) asks me to turn the living room television on for her, because she has yet to master the remote. Truth is, I can barely operate the remotes.

I’ve always felt fairly young; after all I’ve kept up with fast paced technology. Haven’t I?

I’m not intimidated by computers. I got my first one back in the mid-80s when hard drives were considered optional, and DOS was the operating system for what we called IBM computers—even if they were not an IBM brand.

Back in those days we didn’t have the luxury to Google for instructions to help us operate our new computers, which, by the way, did not come with instruction manuals.

I’m self-taught in numerous software programs: PageMaker, Word, account programs, Photoshop, Family Tree Maker, Excel, Expression Web and more.

My first online experience was with Prodigy in the late 80s. I wasn’t able to get Internet—like we know it today—until 1998. Until that time, the places we lived didn’t have Internet service.

Since going online I’ve tried to keep current with happenings in the cyber and digital world. I’ve created websites and dabbled in basic html code. I was on MySpace before Facebook. I know the difference between upload and download and how to do it. I’ve tweeted and shopped online. I’ve registered domains and am fairly competent with Photoshop. I’ve used QR Code generators to create barcodes. Personally, I think I am a pretty tech savvy grandma.

Today one of my author friends made a post about Amazon buying Twitch TV for $970 million, a move that surprised him. As I was reading his post I asked my self, What in the hell is Twitch TV?

At the end of his post he wrote: Twitch is a streaming service for video gamers… for those of you old people who don’t know what I’m talking about.

I really wanted to hit him with my cane.