Do you enjoy a real life ghost story?

In my last Haunting Danielle newsletter I asked subscribers to share any of their real life ghost stories on my blog. I am delighted to report many have shared, and I have been enjoying their stories! 

Readers of Haunting Danielle often tell me one reason they enjoy the series is because they are realistic. To someone who believes ghosts are pure fantasy, that seems a strange thing to say. But for those who have encountered paranormal activity, it all makes sense.

If you enjoy a good real life ghost story (believers or non-believers), you can find the stories here, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 

Thank you to all who contributed a story, and if YOU have your own real life ghost story, feel free to add it in comments on the page!

Book 13 – The Ghost Who Lied

Locals call the priceless antique necklace the Missing Thorndike. Could it really be cursed? According to Danielle’s stalker it is.

Reluctantly, Danielle agrees to celebrate the First Anniversary of Marlow House’s Grand Opening. Her friends insist it is a way to move past the tragic events that occurred the past year. She even agrees to wear the Missing Thorndike for a second time.

But when one of the guests is murdered at the party—surrounded by more than a half dozen possible suspects—Danielle begins to wonder if there is something to the curse.

She understands that the ghost of a murder victim doesn’t always know the identity of his or her killer. But this ghost knows, and she isn’t telling. And she isn’t leaving Marlow House.