New Haunting Danielle Audiobooks

I’ve been working on The Ghost and the Medium, but I took some time to listen to the newest Haunting Danielle audiobook. The Ghost and the Birthday Boy (Book 28 of the series) came out on audiobook almost a week ago.

Mom listened to it first. Mom, who used to be my number one beta reader can’t really read anymore. At almost 94-years, it is difficult for her to focus with her vascular dementia. But audiobooks she can still enjoy.

Once again Romy Nordlinger did a wonderful job narrating the book. In fact, Mom made be promise to tell her what a spectacular job she did and how she brings the characters to life. I have to agree. Once again Romy did a wonderful job.

I am doubly lucky, as I also love how the narrator, Reagan West, read the Coulson Family Saga, under my Anna J. McIntyre pen name, and brought that series to life.

The next Haunting Danielle audiobook, The Ghost and the Church Lady, will be out in April.

Happy listening!

Two Haunting Danielle releases today!

Yes, that’s right! Today the 21st book in the Haunting Danielle series—The Ghost and the Baby—comes out in eBook and paperback formats. (Large print and regular print.)

For some reason, Amazon is not making it easy to find the product page for the large print format, so here is the link to that page.

Also coming out today is the audiobook of The Ghost Who Dream Hopped, released by Tantor Media and narrated by the talented Romy Nordlinger.  

Hope you enjoy the new release!

The Ghost and the Mystery Writer in Audiobook

For my readers who prefer audiobooks, I want to let you know the audiobook version of The Ghost and the Mystery Writer, Book 9 in the Haunting Danielle series, will be released May 8, 2018 by Tantor Audio. Once again the talented Romy Nordlinger will be the narrator.

You can find it at most audiobook venues, including Amazon, which has the audiobook on preorder.