Author Update: Yes I am still here!

Another two months plus a few days have gone by since my last post. I’ve been pretty busy, which is why my blog posts are so infrequent.

Last July our beloved Lady girl was released to travel over the rainbow bridge, after being severely ill. We swore it would be a long time before we brought another dog into our home—but it was just too many tears. In the fall we brought Danny and then Lily into our home, miniature Australians Shepherds. Danny is now 9 1/2 months old and Lily is 7 months. They’ve brought a lot of joy into our lives, and while we still miss our Lady, they’ve helped heal our hearts.

I finished writing The Ghost and the Baby—book 21 in my Haunting Danielle series—and just got it back from the editor. The release date is April 30, 2019 and is currently available for pre-order at Amazon. Another book scheduled to be released that day is the audiobook of The Ghost Who Dream Hopped, Book 18 of the Haunting Danielle Series.

My husband, who was an associate broker (real estate), recently retired and then had hip replacement surgery. He is recovering nicely. To be with him and the pups during the day I moved back to my old office in the house, from the cottage. Almost five years ago, after my husband started working from home, I moved out of my home office and into the cottage (aka the guest house my mother-in-law lived in before she passed away) so he could take over my office.  Now that I am back in my old office, and hubby is retired, I’ll keep working from here. 

I’ve already started working on notes for Book 22 of the Haunting Danielle series—The Ghost and the Halloween Haunt, which will be out either late summer or early fall. Not sure on that date yet.  But for now, I need to get the eBook and paperback versions of Book 21 released!

Visiting Walt and Danielle

We have a lot going on right now, including me starting Book 19 (The Ghost of Christmas Secrets) of the Haunting Danielle series. But we did manage to take a summer vacation mid-September. Where did we go? To see Walt and Danielle! Well, kinda sorta.

My husband and I rented a house on the Oregon coast with our son and daughter-in-law. Instead of staying in Frederickport we went south a bit to Depoe Bay. The house we stayed at overlooked the ocean and we spent a relaxing four days, visiting with Scott and SeAnne, doing a little sightseeing and whale watching.

(Photo: View from our living room window)

New release and more…

It’s been about 2 ½ weeks since I last posted—and lots has been going on. The Ghost Who Dream Hopped (Book 18 in the Haunting Danielle series) was released two days ago and so far, the book has 13 Amazon reviews—twelve are 5-stars and one is a 4-star. I’m thrilled because each time I release a new book in the series I get nervous. I want my readers to enjoy the new book.

The Ghost Who Dream Hopped is also available in paperback, regular print and large print. For some reason the large print version is not showing up in the Amazon store.  Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

In other news, I made the USA Today’s Bestseller list a few weeks ago, on the Haunting Danielle bundle. I confess, I was excited to make the list. We are in the process of updating the covers to include the title.

For those of you asking if there will be a book 19—the answer is yes. The Ghost of Christmas Secrets will be released November 19, 2018. The preorder is available at Amazon and should be at the other vendors in the near future.

If I haven’t mentioned before, Tantor Media has purchased the audiobook rights to books 11-15 in the Haunting Danielle series. (They are the same publishing company that produced the first ten audiobooks in the series.) I haven’t received notice on the release dates, but as soon as I know, I will pass on the information.