Havasu in August, without air conditioning

LadygroomerYesterday morning we woke up to no air conditioning. That may not seem like a big deal to some people –but if you’ve ever been to Lake Havasu City in August, you know it gets a tad warm here. The high yesterday was 106°, which is actually cool for this time of year. Today it’s been around 109°.

The good news—we have a home warranty—the bad news, the repairman couldn’t get here until this morning, more than 24 hours after we called.

Fortunately there is more good news; it seems our house has good insulation, because while it got to the upper 80s in the house, it really wasn’t bad with the fans going—and we do have a pool to jump into. Mom’s side of the house has its own air, so the furry kids camped out over there for most of the time. I ended up sleeping in Mom’s room last night, and Don dealt with our warm bedroom.

I didn’t get much writing done. Seems excessive heat kills the creative juices. Didn’t get any house cleaning done either. Seems excessive heat makes me lazy.

But the air is back on, and I am a happy camper again.

One reason I’m happy—beside the cooler air—is the fact we have a home warranty. Do you have one? I know some people don’t like them, and you have to read the fine print, but when I was in real estate we always encouraged our buyers to get one.

We signed up for a new policy this year. Instead of paying one lump sum, we pay a monthly fee. We’ve already used it three times so far—dishwasher, backed up plumbing and now the air conditioner. We have to pay a service fee each time they come out, which is $60 for our policy. That is still much cheaper than having to pay for the total repair bill. Today they waved the $60 fee for the air conditioning repair, because it took them over 24 hours to get here.

Personally, I think home warranties are a great idea. I look at the price of the policy as a way we can manage and budget repairs on our home. When our water heater went out a few years back I kicked myself for not having a home warranty. But like I mentioned, you do have to read the fine print, and understand what you are purchasing. You might have to pay for additional coverage on certain items, such as swimming pool equipment or refrigerators.

Some people think home warranties are a waste. I’m not one of them.

(Photo: Fortunately Lady went to the groomers this week, so she didn’t have to wear that heavy coat!)