Writing and baking…

The Ghost and the Church Lady comes out in two weeks! (You can preOrder the eBook!) It’s the 29th book in the Haunting Danielle series, and I plan to start on book 30th in February, for a May release. That story is already rolling around in my head. I’ll wait a little before I reveal that title and cover. 

For now, I’m spending a some time in my kitchen, trying to decompress. Yesterday I baked five loaves of banana bread (Mom loves it with her coffee in the morning). Did you know you can substitute flaxseed for eggs? I didn’t have enough eggs for five loaves, so I tried the flaxseed trick. To use in baking, use one tablespoon of flaxseed for each egg. Grind, mix with three tablespoons of water for each egg, whip together the ground flaxseed and water, and let it sit for about five minutes before you use it. It really worked. Plus, flaxseed has health benefits and is a great vegan alternative if you happen to be vegan. 

The banana bread turned out great with the flaxseed. The chocolate chips I added might have helped too.

Where am I taking the Haunting Danielle series?


I’ll be getting The Ghost Who Lied back from my editor this weekend. It will be released on May 31, 2017. This is my 13th book in the Haunting Danielle series.

When I wrote The Ghost of Marlow House (Book 1), I wasn’t sure exactly where the series was going. I knew the smaller stories I wanted to tell, but for the long haul I hadn’t yet made that commitment as to the direction it would ultimately go. I had several ideas, but until I got to know the characters better, I couldn’t make that commitment.

As the books came out, I received feedback from readers regarding what they wanted for Danielle. It seemed most of them wanted her to find true love—yet with whom and how—that they could not agree on.

Some wanted her to work it out with Joe. Others wanted it to be Chris, while others wanted Chris to go away. Many wanted Walt and offered solutions to get the two together.

For those new to this blog or unfamiliar with the Haunting Danielle Series, let me explain—it isn’t a romance series. It’s a paranormal cozy mystery series.  But even within that genre, readers want their favorite characters to find true love.

With The Ghost Who Lied—the book coming out the end of this month—I have finally made the commitment. To get to where I intend to take the story will involve at least four more books after this new release. While each book will continue to be a complete story, you will see the future stories unfolding as each one is released until we get to where I intend to take Danielle.

Don’t assume I plan to end the series when Danielle completes this particular journey. That will be up to my readers. In fact, I see this journey’s end as a new beginning for Danielle and more stories ahead.

However, as I add more books, one thing I don’t want, is for readers to moan, “enough already, this series is done”—before I eventually wrap it up. I occasionally get a review where a reader believes the series has already worn out its welcome. However, I get far more comments from readers where they urge me to write more books. I will happily do that, providing I still have stories to tell—and readers who want to read them.