The Exciting Life of a USA Today Bestselling Author

Today the 30th book in my Haunting Danielle series, The Ghost and the Medium, went live. It’s currently available in eBook, paperback, and coming out in audiobook format. I don’t know the date of the audiobook release yet.

I often wonder what other authors do when they have a new book come out. Do they throw a gala party? Open bottles of champagne? Go out to dinner? What?

While wondering what they do on such an auspicious day—I’ll share what I did today.

Let’s see…I started the day by helping my mother take a bath, gave her coffee and breakfast. I cleaned the house (with hubby’s help), sorted laundry, washed clothes, baked four loaves of bread, changed the sheets (with hubby’s help)… gave Mom lunch…

Yep, exciting day! Yet, one nice thing about a small house, it’s just 2 pm and most of it is clean. The only room we didn’t touch was Mom’s, and I plan to do that tomorrow morning.

If I was still living in Lake Havasu City, tonight I would be giving a speech at the high school graduation, where I will be receiving one of this year’s distinguished alumni awards, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

But I’m in Oregon now, and it was not possible to travel to Havasu with my other commitments. So, who will be reading my speech?

I understand it will be Pat Rooney. Pat was my Civics teacher during my senior year of high school. Back then he was an enthusiastic young former Marine, starting his teaching and coaching career at my high school and would later become its principal. I ran into Pat again years later, after I moved back to Havasu with my husband and kids. Don and I were real estate agents with McCulloch Realty when Pat retired from the school district and started a new career in real estate, also with McCulloch Realty.

So tonight, Pat will be reading my speech in Arizona, while I’ll be quietly celebrating the release of The Ghost and the Medium in Oregon. There won’t be any champagne, but Don will be grilling burgers, and I suppose I could have a martini. Hmm… I think there are some olives in the fridge…

Nahh, I’ll probably skip the martini.

(Photo: Yep, that’s me in my stylish shoes and pajama pants.)

Coming soon: The Ghost and the Medium, Book 30

It’s almost here! The Ghost and the Medium’s eBook goes live on Thursday, May 19, 2022. You can pre-order the eBook now, and it should be on your eBook reader when you get up that morning! Click here to find links to the vendors.

If you prefer paperbacks, you can order the regular paperback or the large print paperback at Amazon. And it might actually get to you before May 19!

Readers have been asking about the audiobook version; unfortunately I don’t have a date yet for that release. But when I know, I’ll let you know.

So, what’s next in the Haunting Danielle series? Look for Book 31, The Ghost and the New Neighbor, which is scheduled to come out in eBook format on my birthday—November 22, 2022. If you want to pre-order, click here to find a vendor currently offering pre-orders.

Hope you enjoy the new book!

Writing Life

I’m between books. My 29th book in the Haunting Danielle series, The Ghost and the Church Lady, was released last Thursday. So far, I am thrilled with the response from my readers. I always get nervous when I put a new Haunting Danielle book out, especially since this is a large series. 

It will be a few weeks until I sit down at the computer and begin chapter one in Book 30, The Ghost and the Medium, which comes out May 19, 2022. Time between books, after I’ve released a book and haven’t started writing a new one, is my down time—time for me to tend to other chores.

During my last down time—which was longer than normal—I was busy moving from Arizona to Oregon and settling into our new home. I won’t have as much down time between books 29 and 30, but I still have a lot to do. Tomorrow I plan to finish up my taxes and get them off to our accountant. Which is always fun—not. Have you done your taxes yet?

I still have that knee replacement I need to squeeze in sometime. But, I haven’t heard back from my doctor yet, and I haven’t figured out what to do about Mom while I’m dealing with the knee.

When I do get to the actual writing part, where will I do it? Since I don’t have a home office here—like in our last home—I started Book 29 in the living room, yet eventually moved my desk into the bedroom, for more privacy. It’s hard for me to write when someone is in the room.

And now that we have a heater in the family barn, I might start The Ghost and the Medium in there. I claimed a nook, where I put my bookshelves, books, and rolltop desk (see top photo). 

The photo was taken over Christmas. As you can see, I am wrapped in a blanket. It was pretty cold in the barn back then, too cold to write. But we have since added a built-in heater, so I can actually use my corner office in the family barn without freezing.