Character anecdotes borrowed from real life.

Pretty retro Caucasian women gossiping over coffee in kitchen

On a previous blog post, I mentioned my recent experience with’s DNA test, giving a shout out to readers of the Ghost and the Leprechaun, pointing out how my recent experience having my DNA tested found its way into the story.

Like many other writers, I often weave real life experiences into my stories. In The Ghost and the Leprechaun, remember Danielle telling Walt about a nude dining episode at an Arizona restaurant? Well, that particular anecdote was something that actually happened—about 18 years ago.

Just to be clear, I was not the nude diner—nor was it at the restaurant we once owned. But I, like Danielle, knew the server who stumbled upon the nude diners during her shift.

It became quite titillating gossip back then.