Peach Daiquiri, Peach Martini or something else?

photo (43)It’s been a long summer—what with Don being on IV for six weeks, still in physical therapy and no summer vacation for us. So this afternoon while we were sitting in our swimming pool we decided we wanted a tropical drink—something to make us think we were lounging by the pool at some five star resort.

We didn’t have any juice in the house—but we did have a bottle of vodka and some fresh peaches. Time to experiment! The results, yummy, satisfying and resort worthy. Not sure what to call it—peach daiquiris use rum…a peach martini, perhaps?

Whatever it is, here is the easy recipe for two.

1. Peal four peaches and remove pits. Break each peach into three or four pieces.
2. Fill two glasses with ice.
3. Pour two shots of vodka into a blender.
4. Place the blender lid on the blender, remove the fill cap.
5. Turn the blender on and add (through the fill cap) a little peach, then ice, then peach, until all the ice from the glasses and the peaches are used. The mixture should be a thick slush.
6. Pour the mixture into the two glasses.