If you are going to start a new series, I suggest you begin with the first book. For Haunting Danielle, that would be the Ghost of Marlow House.

It wasn’t always called The Ghost of Marlow House. Readers were first introduced to it as Haunting Danielle, Book 1. Yet, after a few more books were released in the series, it was decided each book needed its own title.

In this story, readers first meet Danielle, Walt, Lily, Ian, Marie, Adam, Joe and many of the other primary characters of the series. This is the book in which Danielle has her first glimpse of her new home and inheritance—Marlow House. We learn of her dreams for Marlow House, and she discovers a few things about the property that she wasn’t prepared for. Mostly, Walt, who happens to be the ghost of Marlow House.

Whenever I survey subscribers of the Haunting Danielle newsletter, as to which is their favorite book in the series, The Ghost of Marlow House normally wins. When I ask why, they say it’s because that’s when they first met Danielle and Walt.

To kick off the Halloween season, I’ve decided to give new readers the first book FREE. But, you will have to go to Smashwords to download the eBook. If you don’t already have an account there, it’s really easy to sign up and it won’t cost you a penny.

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