I set up the Watch Book Video website to give authors a place to post links to their book videos. I figured it would be fun for visitors to the site to be able to browse through the videos, perhaps find a few new books to read.

It’s relatively easy for an author to add their video to the site. First they select their book’s genre from the top menu, and then leave a comment on the genre page –including the author’s name, book title, and a link to the book video.

Initially I deselected the option to review the comments—that way the video links would show up immediately. Tonight I had to re-select that option, because of the ridiculous amount of spam littering up the comment sections—a place for book videos, not a place for someone to pitch their wares.

I guess it is time for me to add more hoops for posters to jump through, because it’s obvious the random and numerous off-topic comments I’m getting are from some energetic bot. I’d like to squish the bot and its creator.

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