When finishing a book, do you ever want to chat with someone who has also read it? Maybe you want to discuss the plotline, vent about one of the characters, or question something about the storyline.  

Maybe you want to debate the premise of the story—or question where the writer is taking the reader.  

While you might be tempted to do this online in one of your readers’ groups, what you don’t want to do is give away spoilers to someone who hasn’t yet had a chance to read the book. This is especially a problem if you are chatting about a book in one of the author’s Facebook groups. 

If it is a Haunting Danielle Book you want to chat about—or ask questions—you now have a place to do this. I have set up a group for each book in the Haunting Danielle series. I only ask that you join a specific group if you have already read that book. 

Actually, there are four things I will ask of you before entering one of the groups. The first I already mentioned. Only join a group after you have finished the book.

Second, don’t give away spoilers to future books in the group. If you are in a group for book 20, but you have also read book 21, don’t discuss anything about book 21 while in group 20. 

And the third thing—while it is okay if the conversation drifts to other topics, please, no politics. 

The final and forth thing I ask of book club members—please be respectful of fellow members. You don’t have to agree with everyone, but be respectful.

To join any of the groups (you can join as many as you want, providing you have read the book) go here.

Each member has to be approved, and we try to do that within 24 hours. 

Hope to see you in one (or more) of the Haunting Danielle Book Clubs!

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