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  1. Pam Hunsinger

    I LOVE the Haunting Danielle series! Just started The Ghost From the Ship. I’m not sure who your editor is or who proof reads for you, but it is NOT the haul of the boat/ship. It’s spelled HULL. This is driving me crazy(er). Whenever there are misspellings or wrong words it stops the flow of reading for me. That being vented, I hope for a lot more books!!

    Pam H.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Yes, I’m aware of that issue, which we’ve already corrected. Check your email, I’ve sent you the corrected file.

      I had considered having a drinking game and whenever a reader stumbled over a homophone, they could take a drink. But I was afraid they’d be drunk by the end of the book!

      Really sorry for the annoying error.


  2. Anna Moreno

    I’m just discovering your delightful books. This may have already been asked, but why name your police officer Joe Moreli just like the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich?

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      I am embarrassed to admit, I had not read Stephanie Plum, and I was clueless about her character’s name. I found out after I published. I named the character for my son-in-law Joe (who I dedicated the first book in the series to) and the last name for some friends of ours–their last name is Morelli, and I wanted an Italian name.

      However, I am regretting naming the character Joe, not just because of Ms. Evanovich’s character, but because, as my Joe has evolved, my son-in-law might get insulted.

      I hope you enjoy the books, and I do regret using using a name from the Stephanie Plum series. But there are so many books out there–so many characters–it really is impossible to avoid this sort of thing.


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