lynnfritzbobbiMy mother has been sorting through old photographs and mementos, and she came across a story I wrote when I was nine years old. I would have been about in 4th grade at the time. The story is entitled, “My Trip to the Moon.”

Can’t say I remember the story—I was never much of a sci-fi fan. Yet, I do recall going through a brief outer space stage around that age and telling a few classmates I was really from another planet.

That either makes me an imaginative kid—or a strange one. Either way, thought I would share my story with you. I will confess, it did leave me wondering–where exactly was I going with this story?

Part I

It was a warm Saturday morning. I was watching TV. Then suddenly someone knocked at the door. Lynn my sister answered the door.

“Hello Professor Lee,” Lynn said.

“Hello, may I see Bobbi,” Dr. Lee said.

“Bobbi for you!” Lynn screamed.

“Don’t scream Lynn, go get her,” Mother said.

I am 13. Lynn is 18. I once asked Dr. Lee if I could go to the moon in Starlight his rocket. Then I was 7 years old but ever since I was 7 I’ve been asking Dr. Lee if I could ride in Starlight. Bobbi Joe is what Dr. Lee called me even though it wasn’t my name.

“Bobbi Joe your mommy and pappy says you can go to the moon tomorrow if you pass the s.h.e. test,” said Dr. Lee.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s only a health test,” said Dr. Lee.

“Oh,” I said.

I ‘ve passed the test and I am saying goodbye to my family.

“Oh I hope you will be back for my wedding,” Lynn said.

“There she goes,” said Dad.

Part 2

When I landed on the moon I made friends with 10 animals that could talk. They weren’t animals like on the earth at all. There was Sop, Fop, Loppy, Lee, Fritz, Spot, Mark, Jack, Wop and Top.

“Hey watch it Bobbi!” said Top. “That’s quick mud!”

“Don’t you mean quick sand?”

“Okay, then quick sand. Just watch it, ok?”

(Photo: Me with my older sister, Lynn, and our dog, Fritz.)

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