Next week The Ghost and the Mountain Man (Book 27 in the Haunting Danielle series) eBook goes live. The paperback versions, both the regular print and the large print formats went live today. So, if you are a paperback reader, you can order them at Amazon. No news on when the audiobook will be released, but as soon as I hear something, I will let you know.

With every new release a reader will ask, will there be more books in the series? Or, I heard this was the last book in the series.

When asked this question, my response has been consistent. I will continue to write new books in the Haunting Danielle series if three conditions are met: Readers still want to read more books, I have more story ideas, and I am physically and mentally able to keep writing. As of today, I have no plans to wrap up the series—lot of ideas are bouncing around in my head.

Book 28, The Ghost and the Birthday Boy will be the book scheduled for release after The Ghost and the Mountain Man. Look for it mid-August. It is currently available for pre-order.

24 comments on “New Haunting Danielle Release

  1. Karen

    Just placed my order. Definitely cannot wait to read it. Love these books. Will continue to read them. I feel like I’m right there with them. Walt makes my heart melt. You will always have me as a reader.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you!! Hope you like the next one!

  2. Susie

    I love this series! I have them all so far and always look forward to the next one

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you for your kind and encouraging words!!

  3. Eddie

    I totally fell in love with the Haunting Danielle series. I have read each and every book and I am thrilled to learn there are more books to come! They make my day 🙂

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you for the kind words!

  4. Cindy Z

    I so appreciate having a “place” to go; far away from the realty going on today. I love the characters and story lines. I’ve reread the series a couple of times and look forward to each new book as they come out. Thank you!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Glad you are enjoying the series! Thank you!

  5. Toni Smith

    Good Evening. So looking forward to your new book. Love series. Don’t want it to end.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you! Hope you enjoy the next book!

  6. Suzy Hesketh

    Thank you for the update. You kee pl writing I’ll keep listening and buying

  7. Pilar Gemina

    Can’t wait to read book # 27 The ghost & mountain man & please to read there will be book # 28 you are my favorite author waiting anxiously for next book of The Haunting Danielle Series keep them coming thank you for all the adventures make us feel we are sitting next to our favorite group eatting dinner listening

  8. Sue Tibbets

    Thank you, Bobbi! Another good read!
    Sue from Fort Mohave, Az.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  9. Sally S

    Hi Bobbi, any news about when the audio book will be available?

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      The next Haunting Danielle Audiobook, The Ghost and the Birthday Boy, will be out March 22, 2022! Thanks for asking!

  10. Melissa

    Is there a date for audiobook for #28? Love all your books

  11. Joy M

    Why can’t I pre-order The Ghost and the Birthday Boy on Audible since the release date is March 22nd?

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      I’m not really sure. Sorry, I don’t have any control of that, it is through Tantor.

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