Looking Forward

It’s been about a month and a half since my last blog post. It’s April 1st today. I’ll confess, I’m not a big fan of April Fool’s Day. It’s always seemed a little mean spirited to me. You are free to accuse me of lacking a sense of humor. That’s okay. But to me April Fools is more about betraying someone’s trust for a laugh. That being said, let’s move on to another topic.

Several days ago, the 32nd book in my Haunting Danielle series, The Ghost and the Wedding Crasher, was released in eBook and paperback formats. It will be coming out in audiobook format in the near future. How near? I don’t know yet. But as soon as I find out, I will let you know!

My next book in the series, The Ghost and the Twins, is slated for release the end of October. That book is available for preorder at three venues. 

That knee replacement surgery I’ve mentioned in previous posts has been rescheduled for May 3. I’m hoping to get my garden planted before I go in for surgery. Our son and daughter-in-law has already prepared the gardening beds for planting. (See photo above.) They will have their own garden next door—and it is MUCH larger than ours. 

For now, I’m trying to get things in order before I go in for surgery next month. While I’m recuperating, I’ll have a book to write! 

Writing and baking…

The Ghost and the Church Lady comes out in two weeks! (You can preOrder the eBook!) It’s the 29th book in the Haunting Danielle series, and I plan to start on book 30th in February, for a May release. That story is already rolling around in my head. I’ll wait a little before I reveal that title and cover. 

For now, I’m spending a some time in my kitchen, trying to decompress. Yesterday I baked five loaves of banana bread (Mom loves it with her coffee in the morning). Did you know you can substitute flaxseed for eggs? I didn’t have enough eggs for five loaves, so I tried the flaxseed trick. To use in baking, use one tablespoon of flaxseed for each egg. Grind, mix with three tablespoons of water for each egg, whip together the ground flaxseed and water, and let it sit for about five minutes before you use it. It really worked. Plus, flaxseed has health benefits and is a great vegan alternative if you happen to be vegan. 

The banana bread turned out great with the flaxseed. The chocolate chips I added might have helped too.

Two New Releases on June 5!

The last few weeks have been hectic. The Ghost of Second Chances (Book 17 in the Haunting Danielle series) was sent off to the editor and scheduled for a June 5, 2018 eBook release.  Also coming out that day is the audiobook of The Ghost and the Muse, which is the 10thbook in the series, published by Tantor Media.

The question I usually hear about now—will there be a Book 18?  The answer is yes. The Ghost Who Dream Hopped, Book 18 in the Haunting Danielleseries, is scheduled for release the end of August, 2018.

The paperback versions of The Ghost of Second Chances—regular print and large print—should be available by mid-June.