Asking for prayers…

The last week has been utterly heartbreaking. A little 7-year old boy (family friends of our daughter’s family) went missing in Kodiak Alaska. Much of Kodiak has been out looking for him, and they haven’t found him.

I can’t even imagine what those parents are going through, considering how heart wrenching it has been for our daughter, Elizabeth, and her family.

I know many people have been sending their prayers that he will be found. I personally have witnessed the power and possibility of prayer. It does not always work as we want. If it did, Sawyer would have been found that same day. But that doesn’t mean we should stop praying.

Please add your prayers to help bring Sawyer home. Even if you don’t believe in prayer, what will it hurt??

UPDATE: Sawyer’s body found on Pillar Mountain

Does God send us plagues?

I wonder if I could go off my blood pressure meds if I stop reading Facebook. This morning I read about recent devastation from Hurricane Maria. Some of the comments denying global warming and claiming God is just angry with us—this is our punishment, so to speak—well that got my blood pressure spiking.

In the last 600+ years we really have not changed.

When the most devastating pandemic swept through Europe killing up to 200 million people, it also spiked religious persecution—because they had to have someone to blame. God must have been angry. Considering their lack of knowledge on hygiene and infectious diseases, it’s no wonder they turned elsewhere to put the blame.

That blame was placed on foreigners, Jews, and others. Which of course meant these people must be put to death to appease God. And they were.

Just like over 600+ years ago, so many people don’t even consider looking to science for an answer. Like our ancestors, they are suspicious of science and prefer to cling to the belief that is the wrath of God. I suspect one reason for this, it is comforting to them to feel validated for whatever prejudices they may have against those groups they believe responsible.

While I believe in God—or a higher power—I have a different take, which I discussed in a recent blog post.