The last week has been utterly heartbreaking. A little 7-year old boy (family friends of our daughter’s family) went missing in Kodiak Alaska. Much of Kodiak has been out looking for him, and they haven’t found him.

I can’t even imagine what those parents are going through, considering how heart wrenching it has been for our daughter, Elizabeth, and her family.

I know many people have been sending their prayers that he will be found. I personally have witnessed the power and possibility of prayer. It does not always work as we want. If it did, Sawyer would have been found that same day. But that doesn’t mean we should stop praying.

Please add your prayers to help bring Sawyer home. Even if you don’t believe in prayer, what will it hurt??

UPDATE: Sawyer’s body found on Pillar Mountain

5 comments on “Asking for prayers…

  1. Sharon Caldwell

    SO sorry to hear this! Will certainly start praying now!
    Please update when possible!

    1. Linda MacDougall

      My (our) prayers are now for all who loved this precious child. My heart aches for his family and dear friends. May the peace that honestly does pass all understanding at first softly come to them, for Sawyer is in Good Hands.

      1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

        It has been utterly heartbreaking. But I am glad they brought him home to his parents. I can’t imagine never knowing for sure what happened.

  2. Victoria Everett

    Lord in heaven I am asking you to please help the family find her missing child, you know where this child is that you know the outcome. So please Lord Jesus, please your arms around these families so that they can feel you and know that you are with them and know that you’re carrying them through all this.
    Help them to feel your love in your guidance and to know that you will never leave them You are always with them in your name my I pray amen.

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