Now that I’ve wrapped up The Ghost and the Medium (30th book in my Haunting Danielle series that comes out May 19th) I’ve moved my desk back into the living room from our bedroom. When writing a book I need to be alone. Except for my dogs, they are always welcome. Since I won’t be starting the next book, The Ghost and the New Neighbor, for a few weeks; I figured I would rather work out in the living room where I can be around people.

In the photo is my 94-year-old mother who is watching TV using a headset so only she can hear it. But it looks like she might be napping, not watching TV! Also napping is Petey, our son and daughter-in-law’s dog. He is curled up in a blanket on the other blue chair. We are pup sitting today. One of our pups is also in the picture, that’s Lily. Danny was standing next to me while I was taking the picture.

As many of you know, we lived in Havasu for about thirty years when we decided to move to Oregon, to be closer to our kids. I actually lived in Havasu longer, having moved there when I was thirteen and then moved after I graduated from college. My book Havasu Palms, a Hostile Takeover explains how I moved back with my husband and children, to help my parents after Dad got sick.

But now we are in Oregon. And while I love our new home, the house is considerably smaller than what we had in Havasu. One advantage, it doesn’t take long to clean! But I do miss my office, something I lost with the move.

Will I move the desk back into the bedroom when I start my next book in a couple weeks? I am hoping to take my laptop out to our family barn, now that it’s warming up, and write out there. But we’ll have to see. 

The sun is shining right now, and there is no rain. So, I really need to get off this computer and head outside! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. DeAna Manns

    Hi Bobbi!

    I certainly enjoy your updates. I live in a small town in southern Illinois – where we are ignored by the “big wigs” in Chicago, who think they own Illinois and we don’t exist. Oh well. Anyway, I have my 93-year old Father living with my sister and I. He has severe dementia and his hearing is very poor. But we are taking care of him because that is what kids do when their parents reach that age and can’t take care of themselves. I actually took care of our Mom and was the Hospice caregiver because I knew I could take better care of her than anyone else. She died in January 2008. My sister convinced me to move to southern Illinois to take care of our dad and so we have lived here since April 2008. I am a “big city” girl and although Salt Lake City, Utah (where I moved from) is where I would like to return, it has outgrown its own territory. EEEE! I recently returned to sing for my Best Friend’s funeral and they are building UP because there isn’t anywhere left to build OUT. Sheesh! They are still waiting for the “big one” – the 100+ year earthquake which hasn’t arrived yet. I miss the mountains and the snow a lot! But I miss my friends and knowing the area I grew up in the most. I would like to move back west once our dad has passed away. But with the cost of living and the cost of gasoline currently, it isn’t looking like that could be possible.

    I really have enjoyed reading your wonderful “Haunting Danielle” books! The first book I read I was enthralled and I have purchased every one of them since! They would make a really fun series of movies if that were something you could find the right people to take it on. And of course, if you were truly interested in allowing them to do.

    Enjoy Oregon! I have visited there several times and it is a wonderful, mountainous land to live in! After our Mom died, she wanted her ashes dropped into the Pacific Ocean. Four years after her death, my sister and I were able to fly to Milwaukie, Oregon (where Mom’s long time school friend lives) and we stayed with Audrey. I arranged for us to drive down to Depoe Bay and we chartered a boat and the 3 of us took Mom’s ashes out 3 miles and after reading a poem and dropping yellow rose petals in the ocean, her cremains were scattered in the water. I know she was very happy because we went whale watching after that and saw 6 whales! The Captain said that was rare. But we know it was Mom’s way of telling us thank you.

    Keep writing! It’s a pleasure to call you one of my favorite authors! Thank you for your imagination!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you for writing. My 94-year-mother also has dementia, they called it vascular dementia, likely brought on my a stroke she had in 2019. Like you, we have taken care of both our parents. First helped with my dad, when we initially moved back to Havasu in 91, and then later with my husband’s mother and my mom. My husband’s mother sold her house, and she built a small guest house on the back of our property in Havasu. That really worked out nice, because the two moms were the same age, and they had each other, plus my mother-in-law was more social than Mom, active with her church. But my mother-in-law passed in 2014. Our life here is living in the country, but the city is close by. Sounds like a beautiful farewell for your mother, and I’m sure she was telling you thank you! Glad you are enjoying the series!!

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