The paperback versions of The Ghost and the Doppelganger are now available at Amazon. We offer a regular print and a large print.  Font size in the large print is 18 points, and it’s printed on white paper. All the books in the Haunting Danielle series are offered in regular size and large print paperbacks, as well as eBook format.


2 comments on “The paperback versions are available!

  1. Marcia Brown

    Have all of your books in print form (1-16). My Ladies Reading Group and I feel that Walt needs to connect
    with Eva or another ghost and leave Dani romantically alone. It is selfish of him to dream-hop and
    form a relationship with her. Right now, we are discussing Book 14 and feel that this might be the end
    for us. Too much like “The Ghost And Mrs Muer”. We just do not want to read about Dani growing old
    with nothing but Walt. She needs a life with Chris and children to inherit Marlow House. Beginning to
    really dislike Walt. Don’t think I will purchase another book. My ladies agree.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Interesting you mention the Ghost and Mrs. Muir…in The Ghost and the Doppelganger they discuss the movie, and how Walt does not want such a life for Danielle, as Mrs. Muir had with her Captain.

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