The Ghost and the Christmas Spirit is off with the editor—and I expect it back in a couple days. It goes live November 21, 2019—one day before my birthday.

While I typically encourage readers to start the series with The Ghost of Marlow House (Book 1 in the series, available FREE in eBook format) and then move through the series in number order—with this last book  I encourage all readers looking for a feel-good Christmas story to read The Ghost and the Christmas Spirit.

I suspect readers of the series will enjoy it more than those who haven’t yet read any Haunting Danielle books. But that is only because readers already have a relationship (so to speak) with the characters.

I did add a little more backstory than I normally do, just to help out those new readers—but I tried not to overdo it, so as not to annoy those already familiar with the series.

You can preOrder the eBook now, and find the vendor links here!

6 comments on “A Ghostly Christmas Story

  1. Susie

    Thank you! I’ve already got it pre-ordered . I love love love this whole series!

  2. AnneW

    I’m an audible girl but anxiously awaiting your next Audible release on Tuesday 😉 hopefully I won’t have to wait to long for the others behind “I Do”.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      I am sure the next one is out in Nov too….I need to double ck! Hope you enjoy it.

  3. Dee tressel

    Last book in the series?? Please tell me it’s not true! I absolutely LOVE this series. If I’m reading another book while waiting for the next book in this series, I stop the current book to read your new release! I’m sooo sad!!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      I suppose that might be read like that–sorry. No it is not THE last book ever in the series.

      What I meant, it was the most recent book. Sort of like me saying the last cookie I ate was a chocolate drop cookie, not meaning that is the last cookie I will ever eat, but the last one I actually ate….

      the next book is scheduled for release March 31, 2020

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