Some of you might have noticed a change with the Haunting Danielle book covers. I am in the process of updating them now.

When I first started the series in 2014 my idea was to title the books Haunting Danielle and then give each a book a number. Like: Haunting Danielle, Book 1 and Haunting Danielle, Book 2 and so on…

Around book three or so I realized that was a bad idea. I went back and gave the published books titles and then started titling all the new books. Since I liked my book covers, I asked my designer to add the title name below “Haunting Danielle,” without making changes to it.

I suppose it did a good job branding the series name, but the titles were illegible in the thumbnails, something that bothered both me and my designer.

While on a hiatus between books (I am back to writing again) I made the decision to have my designer redesign the covers, giving the book titles front billing.

I love the results. And while it is a pain updating seventeen published books—in various formats and at numerous retail venues, I think it will be worth it.

Above is a sample of the new look.

Back to working on The Ghost Who Dream Hopped. But before I do, I wanted to let you know the Haunting Danielles interview series begins tomorrow. Stop back at the blog, and you can read my first interview when I sit down with Heather Donovan in the Marlow House library. See you then!


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