We arrived at our new Oregon home two weeks ago today. I haven’t posted much on social media—been too busy settling in, and there is still so much to do! What have we been up to so far?

On August 31, Don and I drove my mom to Kramer Junction, where we met up with my sister for the mom-hand-off. My sis took Mom with her to Morro Bay, where they would stay for the next month. Don and I headed back to Havasu to finish with our packing.

The movers showed up on September 7th. Four days later, on Saturday, Don and I said goodbye to Havasu, as we headed out of town in our motorhome, with our pups, Danny and Lily. We arrived at our new home in Oregon on Monday afternoon.

Did I mention we bought our home sight unseen? Yep. Crazy. Oh, we saw pictures, and visited the property via FaceTime. The Oregon real estate agent we worked with is an old friend of mine—a best friend from junior high school. And our son and daughter-in-law both checked out the property and fell in love with it.

But with covid and caring for my mother, it was simply impossible to go in-person property hunting. Don and I knew we really wanted to move. And if we were going to do it, this was the only way we could do it.

So, how did we like the property when we finally saw it in person? We love it. And the more we are here, the more we love it.

We have a little over two acres, but the house is small and cozy. It was a three bedroom, with two bedrooms being very small. At one time it was one room, but the previous owner made two bedrooms from it. One of the first things we did, we removed walls and turned the two small bedrooms back into a larger one, that Don and I intend to use for our bedroom.

Actually, we didn’t remove the walls—our son and daughter-in-law did. Those two have pitched in and helped us make the necessary changes to make this our home. Our plan is to move Mom into the master bedroom, so she can have her own bathroom. (Mom arrives on Wednesday.)

Tomorrow the drywaller will be here to help finish our bedroom, and hopefully our new bedroom floors will be installed on Friday. Then we need to move our bedroom furniture in from the barn. In fact, most of our stuff is still in the barn. It is going to take us a while before we are settled in. Right now, I am still looking for our coffee maker—currently using the one from the motorhome.

Hopefully my next blog post will be more exciting, but I am pretty tired these days. This moving stuff is hard!  But, we are happy. And the pups LOVE the new yard. I love being able to see our son and daughter-in-law more often. I often dreamed of being close enough to our kids to have them over for dinner on the weekends. We did that last weekend. And our son just suggested we get together again next weekend for dinner. I love this.

10 comments on “Hello from Oregon

  1. Carolyn

    So excited for you, can’t wait to see it!!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thanks! Can’t wait to see you guys!

  2. Kish

    This is great news. Looking forward to your continued written blog….


    Just read your latest newsletter – sounds like everything is going great and am happy for you and your family. We have 5 acres and think it is a little too big with all the mowing etc. 2 acres sound perfect!!!! I cannot wait for your new book. Sincerely, Cathy

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Without the help of our son, I don’t think we could handle 2 acres! 🙂

  4. Linda Thomas

    So happy for you. Enjoy your new life.

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