flowers DorisTo say 2014 has been a challenge for my husband and me would be an understatement. We spent most of the summer dealing with Don’s knee infection which involved emergency surgery and six week of in-home IV treatment—three times a day administered by yours truly.

Just when Don was able to start enjoying life again we went to visit our daughter and her family in their new Sacramento home only to cut our trip short when my mother-in-law, Doris, was hospitalized. After two weeks in the hospital, and two surgeries, Doris passed away in intensive care, while Don held one of her hands and I held the other.

In spite of the fact Doris was 86, her death came as an unexpected shock to us. Her father had made it to just a few months shy of his 100th birthday and the day before her death we were told she’d be released from the hospital in a few days and that physically she was doing well.

Doris lived in a little house on our property, and my mother (also 86) lives with us. Mom took Doris’ death especially hard—losing a lifelong friend from her own generation, whom she shared so many memories.

In the midst of planning Doris’ memorial service and settling her estate, I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. I’m having surgery the first part of December.

One thing I am reminded of through all of this is what a wonderful—seriously—truly remarkable—family I’ve been blessed with. Not just our two amazing adult children and their supportive and loving spouses, and our two grandchildren, but my mother, sister and all the extended family—like Don’s cousins on the Talbot side of the family, who are always there when we need them.

Doris’s memorial service proved to be a love fest as we were surrounded by friends and family, many of whom came a long way to be by our side—from Texas, Missouri, Montana, Oregon and California.

I will get through the breast cancer—not just because I’ve already been through cancer twice and lived to tell the tale (malignant olfactory nerve in 1978 and thyroid cancer in 2005) but because I’ve the love and support of such an amazing family. Plus, I’m stubborn as hell. Just ask Don.

In preparing for my battle I’m making a radical change to my diet, focusing on foods cancer hates and eliminating foods cancer loves—like sugar—from my diet. I’ll be working with doctors I trust to fight this battle, while at the home front doing all I can to starve those little bastard cancer cells.

This morning for breakfast I had a tossed green salad, Alaskan salmon, humus, cucumber slices and almonds. Was quite yummy.

I am also getting back to writing Haunting Danielle, Book 3 (with my alter ego Anna J. McIntyre) while working on my treadmill desk (which I am doing right now). I took several weeks off, but now time to get back to writing and taking care of myself. I’d hoped to release Haunting Danielle, Book 3 January 1, 2015, but  now I am shooting for sometime in January 2015.

If anyone can recommend some proven books on cancer fighting foods, please share!

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  1. Teresa Peck

    Hi Bobbi,

    I am wondering if you received my last posted message here concerning whther you received my Mass card for Doris. I haven’t received anything from you or Don verifying that you did and would you please send me a message whether you received it or not. Thanks. Doris was my very dear friend and I wanted to do something for her.

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