Our daughter’s family recently returned from Kodiak, Alaska after living there for three years. Her husband is in the Coast Guard and was transferred back to California. Don and I planned to drive up and see them last week—them meaning our daughter, son-in-law and our two beautiful grandchildren, Addison (4 years) and Evan (17 months).

Plans changed abruptly when my husband went in for emergency surgery on June 6, due to an infection that settled in his artificial knee. Since then we’ve been housebound in Arizona as he undergoes 6-weeks of intense in-home IV treatment.

Yesterday my daughter posted a video on my Facebook wall. It’s our granddaughter who has been crying…crying for Grandma Bobbi. In the video when our daughter asks Addison why she has been crying, our granddaughter says, “’Cause I wanna see her at her house and have a tea party…”

I will confess, I have watched that video more than a dozen times already. You see, Addison and I have an honored tradition of having tea parties. For me it started with her mother, when Elizabeth was just a little girl. We’d dress up in fancy hats and I’d bring out the good china and we’d enjoy a beverage that wasn’t quite tea, but was poured from a tea pot.

Last Christmas the kids were able to come to Havasu for New Years. While visiting, Addison had several tea parties, not just with Grandma Bobbi – but with Grandma Bobbi and her GGs – code name for my mother and Don’s – the great-grandmas.

For this grandma, tea parties are a special tradition–one I hope Addison doesn’t soon outgrow.

Photo: Granddaughter Addison with GG Caroline (My mom)

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