dogbedThis morning I finally got the call from my doctor that I’ve been waiting for—to find out if I will need chemo. The test results are in! The verdict: no chemo!

Since getting the breast cancer diagnoses I’ve spent a lot of time online researching cancer. I’ve made radical changes in my diet—switching to organic food, eating more salmon and halibut (which I love), reducing my beef consumption by 90%, practically eliminating dairy, and ramping up my power food consumption. I’m now walking 60 minutes a day on the treadmill and since my surgery in December, have lost 30 pounds and dropped two sizes.

I’ve also read a lot of alternate cancer cure sites which sometimes promotes the notion that doctors are the enemy. After all, cancer is a big industry and someone is raking in mega bucks. But does that really mean all doctors are just looking out for themselves—financially?

People are people. It doesn’t matter what they do for a living, be it a lawyer, doctor, cop or fireman; there will be good ones and bad ones. I prefer to think that the good ones out number the bad. I am sure there are doctors out there who push unnecessary medical procedures to line their pockets, yet I don’t believe that is the norm.

My chemo doctor (I call him that)—told me his job was to treat my cancer, not to give me chemo. He seemed genuinely relieved that the test indicated chemo would not be necessary. I feel blessed to have a supported family, friends, and doctors I trust.

I’ll confess this has been a bit of a roller coaster ride, not knowing for sure what’s around the corner. Of course, we never really know what’s around the corner and our lives can change in a single moment.

On Monday I see the radiation doctor, to schedule treatments. Hopefully I’ll be done by early April, in time to schedule a couple trips to see our kids in Oregon and Northern California.

Other good news today, our nephew’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. This is a new grandson for my sis. Grandkids are the best! And great-nephews are pretty great too!

In the meantime, back to writing Haunting Danielle, Book 3. I can finally focus. Well, at least after I finish doing my happy dance.

(Photo: My new writing space in the guest house, Doris Cottage, where I’m working on Haunting Danielle, Book 3.  That’s Lady girl on the new doggy bed we bought for the guest house.  She likes to keep me company.)

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